Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Jenn Faulk

I found a new author that I really enjoy.  I didn't realize that this was a larger series until a couple of books into this.  I had a bit of an issue when I first did this because I read Just Friends first and then found the earlier ones, which I'd assumed were set about 30-40 years ago...nope, they are all contemporary.  So most of the series is really in the future....it is probably just me (the crazy historian) who is bothered by this.  Reading it in order, it doesn't bother me as much.  Anyway, I've really enjoyed this entire series, despite this little hiccup.  When I realized the size of this series, I found this page and this one that put her books in publication order...which really isn't actual order.  So I've reordered them for everyone...because, well, I care.  I've also listed main characters of each book.

First Generation:

Resolutions Emily Fisher and Josh Morales
Different Stars Sara Wright and Daniel Boyd
Best Day Ever Chloe Thibideaux and Stephen Hayes
Ready or Not Sophie Thibideaux and Willem Kotze


A Little Faith Faith Hayes (8)
A Big Summer Faith Hayes (10)

Second Generation:

Even Still Abby and Stuart Huntington   
Promises Kept  Chelsea Moore and Seth Huntington
Beyond the Game Sadie Morales and Trent Patterson
Just Friends Rachel Finn and Micah Johnson (Natalie Morales Johnson - Debbie and Mike)
A New Tune Marie Boyd and Scott Huntington
Pure Fiction Grant Finn and Madison Smith
Home to You Faith Hayes and Sam Huntington
Something Better Savannah Huntington and Hendrik Botha
From Here on Out Kaitlyn Smith and Pieter Botha
Just Breathe Kenji Fisher and Tara Blair
Anywhere Gracie Hayes and Jacob Morales
Happily Ever After Cammie Evans and David Connor
Perfectly Pretend Hope Connor and Craig Lucas
Take Heart Aaron Lucas and Libby Phelps
So Like Us Charity (Connor) and John Pearson
Tis the Season Piper Witt and Chad Harper****
The Plan Eli Lucas and Charlotte Jackson
Taking Chances Jill Walker and Mark Jackson
Christmas Surprises Rachel (Finn) and Micah Johnson; Natalie Morales Johnson and Brian Kirkland; Madison (Smith) and Grant Finn; Gracie (Hayes) and Jacob Morales****

****These really could be anywhere in this bottom section.  Tis the Season has to be after Something Better, but exactly where beyond that is a little debatable.  Christmas Surprises is after Anywhere by about 5 years, but the other books don't really date themselves with it exactly, so again this could be anywhere after Anywhere

Third Generation:

Destination Wedding Adam Pearson and Eve Miller; Amelia Pearson and Caleb  Miller, Charlie and Erin Miller

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