Friday, June 17, 2016

First Communion

Adam did his first communion this year.  I will say that I was disappointed in the church preparation - I felt that the classes were not well set up for the age group and didn't seem to teach the material they needed. While the topics covered were appropriate, there was no "hands on" portions which I feel would have really helped make this a better program.  But we made it through.  Honestly, if we weren't getting a new priest next month, we'd be changing parishes this summer. (It doesn't help that our other options has a long winded, hard to understand priest that Ray doesn't like...but they seem to have a much better children's' program, which lets face it is number one to us.)  But we are really hoping that the new priest will help out the children's' programs before Andrew has to do his. 
Adam was SO well behaved, sitting in the front row with his classmates without us with him.

Class - this was the best class as they got to bake bread. The rest were really just sitting and reading....sigh.....

Cousin Ellie came - her first big outing!

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