Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Rough Term

We knew this was going to be a rough term, but oh, boy, it is barreling along!  I am teaching six classes and taking one (this was NOT in the plan).  Ray is working full time, of course, and defending his dissertation in March (he has to fly to Ohio to do it).  I am getting my application in order and will be applying to start mine next fall. 

On top of that, we can't stay healthy. No one in the state can, I swear. I had a student tell me (and this is a student I trust/believe) that her son had scarlet fever. I didn't know that even existed anymore!! I guess if you get strep bad enough, it does!!

Then there's hockey....oh, my, I want this season OVER.  I am sick of it and so our the boys. We started in October....can't we be done yet? 

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