Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seward Trip

Ray and I took the train to Seward over Labor Day.  This was a super fun trip (despite the fact the train left Anchorage ridiculously early and got back very late....so LONG day!).  I love that Seward is a walking town and we able to walk all over town.  We got into town, walked downtown for lunch, then went to the local museum.  We then walked the beach back to town and checked out stores and whatnot before the train ride back to Anchorage.  The train ride itself is also just gorgeous! 
So we saw SO many jellyfish, but in the water and dead on the beach. I was a little obsessed. We actually went to the NPS and asked about them - it was just the right time for them. 
This is the lion's mane jellyfish

The clear white one here is the moon jellyfish - these where the two main ones we were seeing

Train ride!

So we actually got off at Moose Pass and they bussed us into Seward because the last bridge was flooded.  There is no train station....just an empty lot! 
If you are interested in the games we took and played, check out this post.

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