Friday, September 25, 2015

Milk Bread

I had a half can of sweetened condensed milk left over from making strawberry trifle and nothing to do with it. So I went to google to see...and found this recipe!  Now the original recipe has you bake in the oven, and just do the dough.  I read the comments and took that advice. This worked great!  I actually only make dough in my bread maker because I don't think the bread is usually that good, but this was tender and yummy and so great.  And SO EASY!!! Plus no waste! :)

Milk Bread
1 cup water
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk (this is a good use up as this isn't an entire can and any receipt that uses some will probably have this much left over...that's why I tried this!)
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter
3 1/3 cups bread flour (and I did use bread flour which I keep in the house)
2 tsp yeast

Put all ingredients in bread maker, in the order recommended by your machine.  Set to sweet bread, 1.5 lb loaf, and let go. 

My Husband

This is really cool article - Five Reasons Why I am not lucky to my husband. This actually is a great article and isn't what you think.....the point is that when someone says "you are lucky your  husband helps with your kids," that isn't really a good thing.  Your husband SHOULD help your kids.  It isn't "luck." They are doing their part.  Anyway, well worth a read!  This one as well.

Sauerkraut Fail

So remember that I started sauerkraut?  Yep, tossed it out....I think the issue is that my pantry is too cold and so it was just stewing, not actually fermenting.   I'll have to try again in the future. 

Ah, Craziness....

I was going to entitle this "my life has ended," but I thought that came across as too melodramatic, but seriously that's how the start of hockey season makes me feel.  And now I have two kids in it...although only one has started so far.   It just is SO time consuming.  And expensive....yet, the kids love it and it is great exercise and team building, so we put up with it.  I just wish the season didn't last SO LONG.....I mean we just started - it is September. Andrew will start in October.  Last year the season ended in APRIL!!! APRIL!!! AGH!!!

We also have First Communion for Adam this year, so he just started the first half, which is for First Reconciliation.  That means we have church school now on Saturdays as well as the usual Sunday.  And our parish, in their infinite lack of planning, doesn't have kindergarten at the same time as everyone Adam and Andrew have back to back church school, not the same time.  And since I am not willing to have Andrew miss ALL of Mass this year, that means we have to go to Mass either the night before or before they start, which means 3 back to back things.  AGH!!!  Have I said before that I find my parish NOT child friendly? Because I do.  But our options really aren't all that great....I like Palmer better in regards to the kid portion, but Ray doesn't like the priest (well, let's be honest...he has trouble understanding him plus he is SUPER long winded).  And Adam LOVED Church school at our current parish last year.  So....we are staying put for now.  I can hope for a new  priest, though.....they are supposed to move who is all about kids and kid programs.....and will make some improvements.....if nothing else, next year Andrew will be a first grader and at "regular" time.....we thought of not having Andrew do anything this year, at least formally....but he wants to go and I like that, so we are doing it. 

Adam is also starting ukulele lessons, but those are through the school and before school on Fridays, which actually works nicely.  It also means it is cheap....always nice!  I just had to purchase the ukulele, which was only $40. 

I am volunteering in the library this year, which is a lot of fun and I feel like I am making a difference for the librarian, which is cool. 

I am teaching two classes F2F this fall and then 3 online. In the spring, it will be 3 and 3.  Definitely keeping me busy!

The one other thing I am hoping for this year is swim lessons for the boys...swim lessons are a pain around here as they fill up quickly as they let all the current people register to get into the system is really hard. I am hoping the school will do a program as I know they often do and we got information on it last year, but they wouldn't take Andrew (too young) and I didn't want to have one kid not in it, so here's hoping it works out this year.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Nothing Special Recipes

I just tried two new recipes...both of which I was really excited about...neither of which I felt was worth the time put in. They are edible...just not exciting.

I tried these muffin tin tamale cakes that really were just cornbread...I like cornbread...but if I am going to eat cornbread, I'd rather just make cornbread.  Easier.  Plus the chicken (which is pre-cooked) turns pink from the red sauce...and I am sorry but pink chicken freaks me out....

Then I tried this General Tso's chicken recipe as we love General Tso's chicken.  It was bland....I don't want bland...I was cool General Tso's!