Friday, August 21, 2015

First Week of School

We made it through Week 1 of school for Adam. Andrew starts on Monday.  We had orientation stuff this week (I had to PROVE he's has the chicken pox so I didn't have to get him an extra shot....yep, really.) for him.

Adam seems like the new school (which we'll be at for awhile hopefully!) and his teacher.  Andrew is super excited to go next week (he wanted to go THIS week).  I went to curriculum night and everything seems about right so here's hoping for a good year!  We won't be moving so I feel we can really concentrate on school this year.  I plan to volunteer in the library once a week (made the librarian's day!) as I think it is important that I be around the school and involved (as I have that ability, I realize I am lucky in that regards) as I think that just helps them and keeps me better in the loop. 

The big push for this year is Adam's reading. We spent all summer on it on our own, hope it pays off! 

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