Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of Second Grade

First, if you are thinking, "school already?," join the crowd. School started obscenely early this year.  I'd rather go two more weeks in May and get back some of August!  Second, if you are thinking how'd he get this old, I agree as well!
Another new school, but I wanted bussing back, so we switched (last year with the move and buying a house and when school started, it just wasn't possible...we guessed, knowing we'd be wrong for sure...and we were!).  The paperwork has been a hassle...you'd think they'd WANT us at the right school, but AGHH!!!!   Hopefully, though, once we get through this, it will be no problem next year. I also just did paperwork on their bus stop, too (the bus driver seems to think they'll move it to our driveway which would be REALLY nice!).

Sitting at his desk in Mrs. Tardiff's class!
Andrew hasn't started yet - Adam started on Monday, this week kindergarteners are all have appointments to go in and get acquainted with the classroom and he starts on next Monday. 

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