Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Update

So what's up with us?  Well, Ray and the boys went to Michigan for two weeks, but I had to work so I stayed home and did massive spring cleaning.  Much easier to get rid of broken toys without much caterwauling when the boys aren't here. 

I am teaching 4 classes online and then one face to face.  It is still odd to be teaching in person.  Ray is teaching one course this summer, but it only starts this week.

Both boys are playing soccer right now.  We have Adam in an online summer reading program that I hope helps him for next fall.  He doesn't seem to mind it and reading is definitely what he needs to work on.  Our goal is three times a week and we are really just starting as we didn't want to start until he got back from Michigan. 

We are hoping for some good camping trips this summer as well as gaming on my and Ray's parts. 

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