Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Our Crazy Life

So as most of you know, Ray has been working on his Ph.D for quite awhile. He finally got his dissertation topic approved this fall (it was a long, very arduous process, not helped by moving and getting a new job in the midst!).  So this semester he is doing the research.  It is actually going pretty well, but it has meant a very rough term for him.  In addition, I started teaching face to face for the first time in a decade, at a new college.  To get "in the door," I had to take the classes already as scheduled....which meant I couldn't pick up the kids two days a week from school.  Luckily, my parents have filled in, picking up and keeping the kids two days a week until Ray manages to get home.  But this means the kids have late nights, we have late nights...just in general a lot on our plates. 

Adam has been playing hockey, which he has really enjoyed and I think we found a great league.  But, seriously, we started in October and we just NOW (like Saturday...the day before Easter....really?) finishing up. It has been a LONG season.  We are all ready for a change a break. It hasn't helped that the last month, tournament time for the "big" kids, has been crazy on practice schedule.  And they wonder why attendance is low.....

Both boys are doing okay in school, liking the new school (they'll switch again in the fall, so we get bussing...I definitely am looking forward to bussing!), but with Andrew going half days, it means two drop offs and then a pick up time.  Definitely hard on everyone! 

So we are all making it through, but we are looking forward to the end of spring term!  This will mean Ray's research is done, my schedule straightens out and the boys are almost done with school (we end mid May here).  After a crazy summer last year (moving just sucked up our entire summer), we are looking forward to a leisurely summer, which we are all hoping we get! Both Ray and I are teaching summer school, but we aren't on the same days (I'm MW, he's TR, so then the boys always have someone home), so hopefully each of us can really enjoy some time with the boys and get stuff done around the house as we didn't even get to touch the yard last year, moving in in October. 

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