Friday, December 19, 2014

"Un"Affordable Healthcare Act

So let's start out by the fact I have NEVER like "Obamacare."  Now here's the thing (and I think this may shock many of you given my super conservative leanings, but honestly the only reason I vote Republican is that I refuse to vote for anyone who supports infanticide (yes, you  may call it abortion, I call a spade a spade)...I really detest both parties pretty much equally) - I actually believe in socialized healthcare.  I would be perfectly happy if the government socialized the entire thing, much like Canada.  Where you pay for all healthcare in your taxes, but a trip to the doctor's is always free for everyone!  I totally believe the issue with the old system was the HMOs, who I agree are evil.  So I am fine with socializing healthcare...but if you are going to do it, just do it...the halfway house stuff is crap!  So here's our personal story of how the mess that "Obamacare" is has completely screwed us and why I believe we should either scrap the entire thing and go back to the way it was OR completely socialize healthcare. 

First, when Ray got his new job, we got new insurance.  Okay, whatever (and I can't say this is just UAA....Kent will be changing to similar system within a year or so).  Well, turns out, thanks to the moronic "Obamacare" (and if the people who put it in place won't use it, that should tell you something!), we no longer have co-pays, but rather super high deductibles that we will probably never hit.  So we are now paying MUCH more in healthcare when we go the doctors, yet we are ALSO paying MORE for that healthcare plus our employers are as well!  Tell me how that helps me?  It does not! In fact, it costs me three times!  In my paycheck, in my taxes and then when I go to the doctor's!  All three are now higher....yep, that helps me out!  Honestly, Ray and I will never go to the doctor's now unless we are literally POSITIVE we can something treatable (or think we are dying) because I am not going to pay $200 to be told "it is a virus, we can't help you."  And yes, last time Ray went (he went because he thought he had the flu and UAA was pretty much insisting), it was $200! When I took Andrew, same thing!  (Andrew did get antibiotics, though, so that was worth it...Ray did not). 

Next, I recently heard from my employers that while I am part time, I now qualify under the "affordable healthcare act" (what a joke!) for employer sponsored healthcare because of the number of credits I teach.  So we look over the letter...well, we can't afford our share of this (and it isn't like LRSC wouldn't have been paying a ton as well so don't think I, in any way, blame them)!  We would have been interested in double insurance (and yes, I have insurance, so no, I am not in danger of being penalized or anything and certainly not breaking the "law"), but it is too expensive!  So yet, again,  proof that this "affordable" healthcare is really "unaffordable" given we just turned down have a secondary insurance coverage because it we can't afford the premiums! 


Christine said...

Ok, I'll bite. And this may be a long "comment".

1. Would you be happy if the socialized healthcare took 50% of your income in taxes instead of 33% (or whatever it currently is)?

2. Have you ever actually been in a socialized healthcare setting? I have. In Bethel, the hospital was funded through IHS and natives receive free health care. There was a high percentage of missed appointments. It was "free" so no cost to the patient if they couldn't make the appointment, or didn't feel like going.

The flip side of that? ER times that stretch into HOURS. People taking their children to the ER for things like an ear infection. Pink eye. And on and on. I wouldn't wish such a system on anybody.

I agree with you that it's all "broken" and that health care costs are STAGGERING. We also have a high deductible health care plan, and due to a medication one of our kids is on, we meet our deductible after a couple medication orders. One thing that has helped us is to have a flex spending account - see if you guys can get one too.

It was discouraging to see that the cost per paycheck of a family plan that was NOT high deductible was just unaffordably high. Not even because we have a large family - it would've cost the same if we had only one child. It's just depressing. I feel like we are just one major medical incident away from being wiped out - but I guess most of America is.

Healthcare is a ranty topic for me - it's not as though we are rolling in dough but there's none of that subsidy/assistance money out there for working people, who are taxed to pay for all of it. We are still paying off my ER visit (6 hours) in February where they gave me IV antibiotics and IV rehydration. UGH. rant over.

Christine said...

Oh... Another thing I forgot to mention about the socialized healthcare. Because appointments were "free" it was no big deal to miss them. So the clinic routinely double and triple booked providers so their schedule would stay full. So when all those people did show up, it meant insane wait times. I used to routinely wait two hours for a low-risk, uncomplicated prenatal appointment. I don't know how it actually works in Canada first person but I have been told of months of waiting for specialists and exams.

What about the profit driven development of medical innovations? I think it can easily slip into placing a dollar value on someone's life, quality of life, leading to care rationing and government involvement in medical decisions, more than it is now. I don't like an insurer telling me I have to use medication X, I wouldn't like a government telling me that any more. Socialized medicine has pro life implications as well (no, I'm not going to go ranting about "death panels" or anything!)

Jennie W said...

I've heard both sides and honestly I realize there is no perfect situation, but I guess I feel that healthcare is worth some extra taxes and even extra wait time. I have an entire, separate, rant on Americans and taxes. The people who go to ER for an earache already are ruining things for us in other ways.

I don't think I have all the answers, but I do feel that the government took something that was already screwed up and made it WORSE for more money and that really aggravates me. I wasn't out asking for socialized healthcare either....I just feel that would be better than what they did to us now.

Jennie W said...

oh, and also, I have heard the opposite argument on that we wouldn't get new stuff without the money incentive...that there are cures for things like some cancers that they aren't releasing because there is more money in chemo. Again, I don't presume all the answers, I just don't see what they are doing as working.