Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 for Beginning Gamers

Ray and I also worked together on a list of games for "newbie" gamers - these are games we enjoy and think are great to introduce people to because they are easy to teach and quick to learn.  These aren't in any specific order. 

Mystery at the Abbey
This is grown up Clue, so this is a great introductory game because it is very simliar to a game most of us played as a kid.

King of Toyko
This is really just Yahtzee, only you get up to beat up monsters. We play it with our six year old.

Lords of Waterdeep
This is an excellent starter worker placement game. While the theme might seem heavy, it really isn't. It is light and fun and a good way to learn worker placement.

Star Realms
This is a easy, quick, small, deck builder. There are tons of deck builder games (Dominion of any of the Cyptopzoic deck builders (Lord of the Rings, DC)), but this is a light, quick two player one.

Forbidden Island
This is an excellent starter coop game.  It is fun and easy to plan and works great in groups and can easily be taught to kids. 

Ticket to Ride
This is a very easy set collection game and it includes fun little trains.   It is easy to teach to anyone.  There are tons of maps out there for this, so once you learn the base game, you have tons of options.

Rise of Augustus
This gamer bingo. It shouldn't be fun, but it really is.  It is light and quick.

This is an area control game and while it might seem like it would be vicious, it really is fun and tight.  Your races "rise" and "fall" quickly, so it doesn't feel like you are losing people all the time.  

This is a fun little family game that can get quite tense as you try to get your figures onto the land!

This is a standard bearer - there are tons of versions of this and everyone plays it, so it is a good place to start. 

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