Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rachael Ray's Book of Burger

So I have RR's Book of Burger, but I think it is leaving my collection. While I have found a couple of excellent recipes from it, I have been disappointed by many of them because I am just not willing to make complicated sauces to go with each burger. The burgers themselves are disappointing "simple," and then the "sauce" is what makes it the "type" of burger it is. I find that to be...well, cheating!  To me, burger night means I don't really have to cook, Ray is grilling...thus, I don't want to have to do a bunch of extra cooking along with it.  Take tonight...we tried Florentine Burgers.  I just did the burger and actually put the Parmesan in the burgers...they were okay, but not great and I am just not willing to bother with the sauce because I think the burger should be good enough without it. Maybe I am crazy, but that's the way I feel.  I think I need some new burger recipes, not from RR.  I still like many of her recipes, but I am overall not happy with this particular incarnation.  While she might see herself as a "burger girl," I think her burgers just aren't that good....because they MUST have the sauces and I don't personally want that.  Oh, well....

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