Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Top 10 Games

So Ray and I play a lot of games (check out our board game is quite large....).  We decided to each do our top 10 games.  While we ordered these, really these are all games we really love!  This is our first attempt at this, so we are often wanting to change them!

Ray's Top 10

Suburbia is a great game where you are create a simulated city.  You create your city and try to do better than your opponents. I love this game, it works great for all the player levels and with the expansion this takes my top spot. 

Carson City
Carson City is a worker place/role selection game that allows you to create the city of Carson City. You get different buildings and other ways to get money and resources. This is hard to find, but it also is a worker placement. You can kick someone off the spot you wanted through a shoot out!!! Great game.

King of Tokyo
Okay, this is the odd ball choice. It is Yahtzee only you are using the dice to gain points, heal or beat on the other players. My son Adam can play, but I have had so much fun with adults that I think this is a great game and I would throw down when ever this is brought out. I have not played King of New York so this one might get replaced down the road. 

The solid co-op that most people will jump at. This game is all about people working together to beat the diseases. This can be intense especially when you amp up the difficulty by adding epidemic. I love introducing people to advanced board gaming!

Lords of Waterdeep
The second worker placement game on the list. This game is a simple worker placement, but has enough twists to keep it interesting. It made it into the top 10 because of the expansion. This actually added enough to make it a great game.

A two player game that my wife hates.:)  It is truly abstract, but with a great many ways to win yet you need to counter your opponent as well as move forward with your strategy. It is only 10-15 minutes, but has a lot of depth.

Magic: The Gathering
 Yea, Yea I know a CCG, but it is a great game.  If you just build decks for fun and not tournament play and try and make them better with what you have it is great. It is fun and fast and you can spend time thinking and working on decks and have fun with that as well. So PPPPPP to all you!:)

War of the Ring (second edition)
This is a great war game, with asymmetrical player goals and strengths. This game is fun,  but makes you think. This is an afternoon game, not something that can be played quickly. Get the ring bearer to the mountain or run over the Free People. This may change based when I play Battle for Five Armies.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
This is a fun tactical miniature game where you try to out think your opponent based on movement selection and some dice rolling. I like it a lot and come on, dogfighting!

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
I actually like deckbuilding games a lot, but this one is just fun. I actually get the flavor of super hero fights in a great format. You can play it completely co-op or semi co-op. It is fun and works great two player.

 Jennie's Top 10

This is a great historical coop game. It is rather long, but I just adore it!

LOR Deck Building
I love deck building games, but this is a very easy and quick one. I love that it sets up really quick and is easy to teach and play.

This is a city building game - it takes what I liked about Sim City and removes everything I didn't like in that computer game!  It is timed, which keeps it from getting too long.

This is a great bidding game.  I love the theme and artwork as well as the way you building up your licenses and fish. 

Pandemic: the Cure
This is a great dice vesrion of the traditional coop game. I like this one because it sets up so much faster than the original. 

Forbidden Desert
This is a great intro coop game.  It is fun and enjoyable for all.

Agricola: All Creatures
This is a shortened, two player, version of Agricola. I love that it is much faster (and 2 player) than the original.

Dominion (Alchemy)
This was my first deck builder and I still really enjoy it. Alchemy is my favorite set. 

This is a great dice game.  It is fun and quick to set up.

Catan (Rome)
I love Catan, but it does require 3, which is an issue for us.  I really like the "theme" ones and this is my current favorite. 

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