Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Downstairs Family Room

Downstairs bathroom

Crawl space - both box springs are over there (bunk beds don't need them) - again TONS of storage!

Gaming closet!

Family Room

Ray's area

Gaming area

TV area

Cool new coffee table with riser
Laundry room


Ray says the new garage is bigger than our last house!
Ray's shop area

Garage with both cars

Tons of storage!

Bonus Room and Pantry

Bonus room - we are just doing exercise bike for now, but it will be something...eventually....

Pantry closet - again tons of closet space!


Our study - this is our library!

My desk!

Front door - again lots of closet space!


I love our new kitchen! Tons of counter and cabinet space!

This is the first time we've been able to expand this to full size!

This has lots of hidden gems like this pull cutting board!

And a special flip out drawer for sponges and whatnot!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom

Ray picked this color - I would have went lighter - but I have to give him credit, it looks awesome!

Upstairs bathroom - there is an extra door into the master, which I'm sure will be nice later. 


For now, the other room is their playroom. 
That table was mine and Billy's when we were little.

That toybox was Uncle Billy's, we just repainted it.  That little two drawer dresser was in my room as a kid and we painted that as well to match. 

Boys Bedroom

We have three bedrooms, but the boys elected to keep sharing for now (eventually I'm sure they'll want separate rooms).  They wanted bunk beds so here they are, courtesy of Grandpa.

Andrew likes to climb up and share the top bunk with Adam.

Our House

Our house, mountains in background

Backyard - they left us a firepit and picnic table (plus another table that is put away for winter). We also have a nice storage set and covered  area off the garage, so there is TON of outside storage.

Our neighborhood


Adam's class did something with yarn to make spiderwebs. Well, he wasn't clear on instructions but wanted to make some. So I looked up some simple instructions online and voila - spiderwebs! We actually made four, two of our house and one for each Grandma and Great's.
Painting the plates

Finished product

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy 80th!

Visiting Great on her 80th birthday (today)!

Our View

Our view out the kitchen

First Guest!

My friend, Tamara, was visiting and ended up being our first guest!
Playing Mystery of the Abbey


Moving In

So we moved everything in, then we actually stayed at my parents an additional week because we didn't have Internet.  So I spent that week unpacking before we even moved in, which definitely helped with the boys!
The boys were so glad to see their toys...pack them away for about 3 months and they all seem new!

Riding my trike in the garage

Using the new, cool, coffee table with the riser lid!

One of my first projects after moving in (so I'd already unpacked most of the house)...sorting books!
Ray's first project...sorting our games!

Working on New House

Pictures from working on the house

Just a few boxes for the recycling!

Great Grandpa did a lot of painting!