Thursday, July 17, 2014

Michigan Fun

We are up in Michigan visiting Ray's dad right now. We've had some great weather!

Adam and Andrew been working on their driving skills in the girls' old Cadillac!

The boys were cannonballing into the pool!

It wasn't that hot today so after pool fun, they had to go warm up at the bonfire!

Michigan BBQ

Dave and Jan had a BBQ at their house yesterday so we could visit everyone before we take off.  Despite road construction cutting off the road in front of their sub, we had a great time!

Igloo cake!

Cousin Fun

The boys had a blast with their cousins yesterday at PaPa's!

Farewell BBQ

We had a farewell BBQ in Kent last weekend. We had a nice turnout!  It was nice to see our friends for one last time before we head out. 

Puzzle Fun!

Adam and Great have been working on his 60 piece puzzles!  We just got him his first 100 piece one!  He's quite the puzzle guru!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Swimming Lessons



Andrew got stampers at preschool....and decided this is what he should do with them....

Baby Soccer Hat

A friend who is pregnant with her first boy wanted a soccer hat as they go to a lot of soccer games (her husband coaches).  Turns out soccer hats are HARD.  This was the easiest pattern I could find, and it is actually a crochet pattern.  I think the final product is cute, but I can't say I'm thrilled with it either. 

So I actually made two base hats (you make the base then make the pentagons to stich on).  The first was the first size, in my opinion, but it turns out I was doing my single crochet wrong (I don't single much!).  So I redid right...and it is huge.  But it'll fit him eventually...and I gave her both hats only one just is plain (the little one). 

I'm a first grader!

He's very proud of himself - he's a first grader!

Chopped My Hair

I chopped my hair.  I had the required 8 inches for Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.

Exhausted Andrew

Andrew thinks he doesn't need a nap anymore....he so does!  He kind of just collapses....

Our Scrapbook

So we just passed 12 years....and I finally started our own scrapbook this year and actually through our wedding!  Maybe I can get that caught up and actually on track! :)