Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Really? All this?

So our house is now has been on the market just over a week (I want it to go QUICKLY, please, Jesus!) and that's enough of a stress because this s the one main factor I just do NOT control. I need someone else to WANT to buy it.  And the market here right is doing better, but still it definitely makes you worry!  So definitely a huge stressor!

In addition - because we didn't have enough to do this week - last Friday someone hit our PARKED car in the grocery store parking lot (we do know who, which will help with the insurance) and obviously insurance pays for this.....but it is a huge time drain we so did NOT need.  I talked to the autobody place that has the Traverse.....we might not get it back until the 17th!

Plus, our washing machine - which we JUST replaced in April - is leaking.  And Ray looked, it isn't hoses (which are easy), so he called the manufacturers (less than 90 days, still under warranty) and they coming tomorrow and as long as it isn't the hose, they will fix it for free.  But again, we just did NOT need this right now but I certainly don't want water on my basement floor because while it is NOT from the walls, you don't want any prospective buyer to THINK it is from the walls!  Ugh!

We are also in the last weeks of school - today was Andrew's last day, Adam goes through next Wednesday and so of course we have lots of extra commitments.  And both Ray and I start teaching summer school on Monday.   

I am trying so hard just to trust and go with the flow this summer....this last few days certainly are not helping.....huge extra stressors were not what the calming fairies ordered....

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