Wednesday, February 05, 2014

All I wanted was a normal week....

Seriously? Is this too much to ask?  Guess what, we don't have school again today!  And Ray's car is in PA.  Wonder why?

Okay, so last week Ray had to make a quick run to DC for work.  He got halfway there and his transmission went in his car!  So he had to have it towed to the nearest town and ended up there for two nights.  Unfortunately, the mechanic (who was super nice and helpful) couldn't get in the part until at least Monday (and Ray has a weird car, I totally get that), so Jason had to go get Ray and Ray and Jason will go back on Friday to reclaim the fixed car.  So we are borrowing a car this week.

So we were working with that....just trying to get a normal week out.  We were doing okay, but snow combined with freezing rain....yep, no school!

In addition, I'm just levy failed again.  Mainly because parents couldn't be bothered to go vote!  Heck, less than 20% of parents in our district are even REGISTERED to vote!  I'm so ticked!  It is YOUR kids' schools - you SHOULD be out voting to get them the money they need!  AGHHH!!! The shortsightedness of people drives me batty! 

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