Monday, February 24, 2014

Praying for a "normal" week

We have not had a full week of school/work since before Christmas break.  I know, crazy, huh?  So as a consequence, I feel that we have no schedule and I am just plain behind on everything.  For instance, I really want to make sure Andrew does a little "homework" each day as well as Adam practicing his piano (we are doing good on his homework at least).  But without a schedule, I just haven't been able to get this to work on any kind of regular basis.  Today started what I hope will be a "normal" week with fives days of school for Adam and four for Andrew (he never goes on Fridays).  This way I can also catch up on MY work and hopefully do a better job of making sure I am pushing them at home (while I might not homeschool, I am a big believer in that my children's' education is dependent on my involvement, which means volunteering and work at home).  I actually just managed to finish my grading for this week in moreorless on sitting, on schedule, and so hopefully will be able to slowly work on catching up all week.  I have a list of things I WANT to do that haven't gotten touched because it has been all about what NEEDS to be done, so I am hoping by the end of the week to start on that WANT list. 

I feel like we had a good weekend, where I got to do my volunteering at the First Ladies library and we got to do Generations of Faith at Church, despite Ray feeling very poorly.  Hopefully, though, he is on the mend and we'll all have a productive week!  Maybe I will even get to some of the housework I've been ignoring (let's just say don't look too closely at my floors....). 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine's Day Cards

I had the boys make all their Valentine's Day cards.  With Adam needing almost 30 this took awhile!
One of Adam's

Writing names on the front

Birthday card

Birthday card from recent scrapping class - pretty cool!

Old Pictures

Nice group shot from our college graduation in 2002.

Road trip 2002 to get Billy's Mustang back to Alaska

School Work

I just organized a bunch of scanned school work, so if you check out this page, you can look through some of Adam's recent school work.

Here is a project for President's Day.  You can see my opinion of all the Presidents' work here.

Adam's 100 Days Project

This has been pushed back (snow days mean they are behind in getting to 100 days), but this is Adam's finished 100 Days project for school! He and Daddy made it out of Legos.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Grey Mouse

Andrew's class read this and he was so excited to "read" it to me (and Daddy and everyone else).  He even told me about this without being prompted when I asked him what he did at class that day!

My Socks

I decided I deserved socks as well after making 9 pairs for Christmas presents!

Skating Progress

Adam is getting pretty steady on his skates!

Great Lakes Science Center

We took the boys up the Great Lakes Science Center on one of our MANY off days. 


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

All I wanted was a normal week....

Seriously? Is this too much to ask?  Guess what, we don't have school again today!  And Ray's car is in PA.  Wonder why?

Okay, so last week Ray had to make a quick run to DC for work.  He got halfway there and his transmission went in his car!  So he had to have it towed to the nearest town and ended up there for two nights.  Unfortunately, the mechanic (who was super nice and helpful) couldn't get in the part until at least Monday (and Ray has a weird car, I totally get that), so Jason had to go get Ray and Ray and Jason will go back on Friday to reclaim the fixed car.  So we are borrowing a car this week.

So we were working with that....just trying to get a normal week out.  We were doing okay, but snow combined with freezing rain....yep, no school!

In addition, I'm just levy failed again.  Mainly because parents couldn't be bothered to go vote!  Heck, less than 20% of parents in our district are even REGISTERED to vote!  I'm so ticked!  It is YOUR kids' schools - you SHOULD be out voting to get them the money they need!  AGHHH!!! The shortsightedness of people drives me batty!