Thursday, January 23, 2014

Is it February yet?

January has not been our month.  It hasn't all been bad, just super disrupted, crazy and we've had a lot of sickness (mostly me!).  So we started January in Michigan with Ray's parents.  This trip went well, but Adam seemed to come home from it exhausted. And I came home better (seemed to just be a passing thing) get sick again....get better....and get sick again!  AGH!! I finally gave up and went to the doctor's and it was a sinus infection.  They put me on super antibiotics.....which then caused some side effect issues that just NOW seem to be going away.  Again AGH!!  I am really hoping to get better and STAY better for awhile! 

The first two days back to school were cancelled here for "cold."  I personally didn't see the issue, but oh well.  The issue was that the first week for them was Ray and I's last week off (Ray had to work, but no classes) and both of us had a lot of stuff we were trying to get finalized. We got it done, but it was a hassle with the kids home more than expected (don't get me wrong, normally I have no issue with my kids staying home, that was just NOT the week I needed it to happen).  I even got a playdate with a friend in for the boys on Tuesday since they had no school.  Adam then had three HORRIBLE days at school - really bad behavior that really he's better than now.  So we ended up with a parent teacher conference....I am always happy to go in and hear what Adam is up to, but I wasn't happy that his bad behavior brought it on.  He's better now, he just had a horrible week and really just needs a nap thrown in now and then....which he is adamantly against.  Oh, well, we did get some sleep into him and he went back to normal.  Andrew, at least, seems to be doing okay at preschool (knock on wood) and I just had to star cookies for his class and play dough (I convinced Adam he wanted dino cookies for his birthday at school so I could do Adam and Andrew's cookie needs together....that at least saved me some time!).  Reading is definitely an issue for him, but it was Ray as well so I think that if we can get him over this hurdle, he'll be fine...the hurdle is just high for him! 

This weekend, the boys had both Friday and Monday off.  We did Adam's birthday party on Sunday (it was Friday) and he took cookies to school on Thursday.  In addition, he started piano lessons, so we'll see how it goes.  He's also doing skating lessons, which he really seems to enjoy.  Monday, a friend and I took our kids (so three boys) to a bounce house, which they thoroughly enjoyed, but it was definitely LOUD.  I was amazed at how many teenagers go to those things.  It was crowded, as expected on a school holiday.  Then the friend and I sent the afternoon watching Downton Abbey (serious new addiction on both our parts) and dumped the kids on our husbands since they got the morning to themselves. 

In addition, Ray and I had dentist appointments last week - we have been unhappy with our dentist and this appointment was the last straw so we found a new dentist and I managed to get in on Tuesday and had a much better experience. 

Tuesday was quite the Adam had a dentist appointment (we like the kids' dentist) in the morning that Ray took him to (I don't do cavities....I have too many bad associations myself to help them!).  I called to find a new dentist, hoping to get in next week...they could get me in at 1 that day!  So I had to scramble to make it work so I took Adam back to school after his mouth was better, picked up Andrew (trying to get work done in this period, too, of course!) and went shopping (we were out of most things).  Andrew decided to pee himself in the children's' room, so I had to leave half way through shopping and take him home (I was not happy...he's better than that!). Then I took Andrew to Ray so I could do the dentist.  Got Andrew back after that (this is 2 by this point), ate lunch (Andrew had already been fed, don't worry, long ago!) and ran a few Kent errands since I was there.  This included dropping off a carseat that wasn't mine, but in my car, that we'd forgotten o take out on Monday...grr....dumb move on our parts!  Andrew fell asleep in the car, which was something.  We then picked up Adam and went to finish shopping (Andrew didn't get to back to the children's as punishment, which of course is as much punishment for me as him....) and then go home.  I tried to do some cleaning, fed the kids, and then Ray got home so I could leave to go to PTO.  Fun, huh?  Of course, when I got home from PTO, I still had work to finish.....

I just want to find our routine and stop getting BAD news.  I am really hoping that February is better!  I know January has another week left in it...and we just found out that Ray is probably going out of town next week for something work related, but dates/locations still aren't final.  AGH! I am hoping if I get through that, February will be easy.  Right? Can I hope?

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