Monday, January 27, 2014

"Calamity Days"

So we have yet another weather day tomorrow - because of wind chill.  Growing up in Alaska and then living in ND, I find this state's "wimpiness" ridiculous.  Yes, it is cold.  No, it is not something you need to huddle up and refuse to deal with!  Should you go play in it for 2 hours?  No, you shouldn't. But can you do what you need to do?  Yes!  I've had school at -50 (without wind chill!).  Was it fun? No. Did I survive? Yes!

Now I think a random weather day is fun, a little treat and I don't mind my kids having them.  But we have had SO many, the boys are missing too much school.  Adam especially needs that regular schedule and he's been improving and I worry this is going to send him backwards.  I don't think we've had a full week of school since we have restarted from Christmas break!  Now that includes some scheduled days off, but it has meant a LOT of extra time off school. 

I get the issue of people not being prepared for cold weather and so (especially in poorer areas) not having a lot of heavy snow clothes, but really, a little common sense is all that is needed and we could all have some schedule back!  I'm sure all the teachers are going to be scrambling to try to get back no track with the end of 2nd quarter.  I know Adam's school had testing scheduled for today and tomorrow and then Wednesday (I was actually scheduled to help tomorrow....they will have to reschedule all of that, I'm sure someone will have SO much fun with that).  As of now, the boys haven't had school since last Thursday!  I have a feeling we are going to be making up days this year....sigh......

We are actually planning to go to Cleveland tomorrow to the museum since the kids don't have school and Kent State is closed so Ray has off as well.  Might as well make lemonade, right?

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