Thursday, October 10, 2013

Surprisingly Quick Doctor's Trip

Andrew's cough has been increasing and he's still not sleeping well (so neither are Ray and I), so I called the doctor today, figuring we'd maybe get in tomorrow (they haven't usually been Johnny-on-the-spot....resorted to instant care the last few times), but they got him in at 8:20 this morning. So I had Ray take Adam (which is a bit of issue so Adam was probably going to be stuck in the gym for 5-10 minutes waiting since Ray had a 9 AM meeting) and took Andrew. I called Andrew in sick, figuring at least an hour at the doctor's and honestly thinking they were probably just going to tell him it had to run its course.  But they actually gave him antibiotics and were out by 9 AM!!  I actually got Andrew to school only 15 minutes late (they said he could go).  I then went and picked up medicine and whatnot and went home to get some work done.  Andrew is actually napping now and hopefully will get a good one!  I got one dose into him and the doctor told me the honey I was trying is actually as good as cough syrup, so I'm sticking with it hoping it will help. I did switch to straight honey/water vs. honey/lemon/water as she said that was fine and Andrew wasn't keen on the lemon mixture.  He seemed fine with the honey/water.  So here's hoping we see some improvement!  I don't like a sick kiddo!

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