Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Trip

I took the boys on a quick trip to Colorado.  So my parents are touring the country in their motorhome for a few weeks and so we flew to CO to meet them for a few days.  Originally, we were hoping to drive, but they didn't want to come that far East (my father has opinions on crossing the Mississippi and then didn't even want to come to it), so we changed plans.  So Wednesday the boys and I flew to Denver and my parents picked us up in the motorhome and the boys got to go "motorhoming" with the grandparents for a few days.  My brother even ended up joining us on Saturday (he had a conference in Colorado Springs starting on Monday for work).  So we ended the trip with 6 people in one motorhome!  But it was a good trip, and we got to do a lot of hiking and exploring.  Sunday kind of went downhill - Andrew flew out of the loft and got a bad cut, a glass dish somehow shattered when cooking fries and the boys were generally just tired.  My trip back yesterday was LONG,  but the boys were fine on the airplanes...it was just the airports!  Dallas and Denver are both so HUGE and  BUSY!  But we are back and the boys both went to school today.  Andrew is back home again (just pulled my hair, oh fun....) and about to go down for a nap. 

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