Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Okay, so I've been meaning to post an update...but well, life has been busy!  Ray was has had a crazy two weeks with work and so I've had a lot of extra on my plate as well.

Adam has had some adjustment issues to school, as expected, but he's been slowly improving (his bad behavior is getting later and later in the day, meaning he is slowly getting the ability to control himself for a full school day, which I definitely knew he'd need to work on).  The reward system we have, both at home and school are working really well. I really like his kindergarten teacher - she runs a very tight ship, which Adam needs.  I did figure out she started teaching about the time I started kindergarten myself - she has plenty of experience!  I have volunteered in Adam's classroom twice now and plan to do every other Thursday for about 90 minutes, which means I get to check on him as well as help out.  His teacher is really good about using volunteers well, so it is enjoyable. 

Adam is almost done with fall soccer. The schedule has been a nightmare, but I love his coach and he seems to enjoy it plus get a lot out of it.  I just wish it had a regular schedule!

Andrew is really enjoying preschool.  He seems to be adjusting really well and loves riding the bus.  I've heard anything bad, so I'm assuming that is a good thing. It looks like his teacher wants volunteers on Tuesdays, so I'm going to try to do once a month. 

On potty training, he's actually doing really well, although we are still having some accidents, but for the most part they are actual accidents, not just "I don't care" issues, so that's a good thing.

He seems to be in a growth spurt right now and having issues sleeping due to it.  He doesn't look much different from the row of 5 year olds when he's hanging with Adam!

Ray has two night classes this term, which is messing up our schedule, but otherwise, we are doing okay now that we got through the two weeks of horror.

Classes keep me busy, but I'm actually having time to myself most days, which is pretty cool.  Although by the time I get work done, Andrew is usually home.  But I'm hoping now that Ray's schedule has settled a little, I'll be able to do fun stuff at night (versus work) and actually get some time to do things like scrapbooking.  We'll see! 

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