Wednesday, September 25, 2013


In August, I got a letter from the bus barn saying Adam's bus left Carlin at 8:46 AM.  Okay....well ,the first week, the principal at Carlin told us that was not true, it left at 8:40ish and never BEFORE 8:40.  Well, this morning it left before 8:40 (Adam missed it...I drove him).  So I called the bus barn and was told it left at 8:30 and this was "always the case!"  REALLY!!!  I am NOT happy - that is a SIXTEEN minute change from THEIR letters!!!  And we were never told!  I was only on time until now Carlin's principal told us 8:40!!!  UGH!!  In addition, their drop off time is full of hot air as says 3:09, Carlin told us has been about 3:25ish.  But Carlin doesn't even get OUT until 3:15!!! 

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