Wednesday, March 06, 2013


So Ravenna....just to be odd, I guess....has all the kindergarteners in one building.  So Adam will go to one school (West Park) next year and then a DIFFERENT school (Carlin) for 1st grade (which is within walking distance of our house, West Park is not...grrr....).  Which I find silly to start with, but I was being open minded that maybe this would be a good transition for him as ALL DAY seems so long for my little five year old to be gone!  I know, though, that they have a ton of mandated stuff they have to teach this first year by the district (they test a ridiculous amount of times a year because of this.....).  So anyway, I'm trying to be open....then at orientation I learn about their bussing system.  So to make this stupid arrangement work, they will bus our FIVE YEAR OLDS to the elementary school they SHOULD be going to THEN they will CHANGE busses to go home!  Yeah, right!  I'd already figured I'd take him to school.....and I think I will be picking him up at Carlin now (as Andrew and I can walk down there) versus having him get on a second bus (which would be silly given how close we are anyway).  They actually have tags for the kids that they wear for a month so they make it to the right busses!  I feel sorry for the parents who NEED the busses!  I mean really...just go back to the NORMAL situation and all this goes away!  I am NOT happy! 

The principal (who led orientation) seems nice enough and most of the stuff seems standard fare, but I just find this entire procedure stupid.  I thought it was strange to start with, but if they have to do all this to make the bussing work, this obviously isn't a good decision!  And I guess they are closing another elementary school in Ravenna, so that means when he does start 1st grade, his classes will be larger.  Oh, fun.....but hopefully we won't be here much longer than that!

I have a pile of paperwork to do by registration, which is week after next.  Oh, so much fun.....and I see why so many parents are home this point, I don't see that as an option for us (I'm don't have any issues with those who do, I just don't think it would work for Adam, who already is fine with knowledge, but definitely needs to work on social skills...which he won't necessarily get as well or as fast if I keep him home). 

On other fronts, we've gotten "good" news from Adam for two days in a row from preschool!  He told us he got to put his name on the good deed change on Monday and got a certificate about making good choices all day yesterday!  I'll post the certificate later - I scanned it, but haven't gotten any further.

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