Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our New Holy Father

Since the announcement of the new Pope, Pope Francis, I have been eagerly learning about him.  I was thrilled that the cardinals choose an American Pope and one who seemed to have many of the same qualities of John Paul II.  Reading about his work in his home country, I can see a lot of wonderful things that lead me to think he will be a huge blessing to the entire Church.  With his choices, he is quickly showing his humility and his willingness to make some changes.  For instance, asking the crowd to bless him rather than the reverse.  Given he was just chosen to lead a flock of billions, I can see wanting a blessing!  I also saw in today's news that he plans to hold Holy Thursday services in a local youth jail. This is something he did in his home country and he is obviously reaching out the entire community and the youth.  I am very much looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things this new Pope will bring!

I also hope that our emeritus Pope, Benedict, will get what he needs in retirement.  I was glad to see Pope Francis planned on visiting him in his retirement. 

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