Saturday, February 02, 2013


Andrew kept putting his cookies in the lunchbox to "take to work." Only cookies...couldn't convince him to put anything else in!

With Uncle Jason

Eating a apple

Banana - he's on a fruit kick!  I actually bought these because Adam decided we HAD to make banana bread (thanks Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....).  So we had some extras...which I like so I've been eating....Andrew has been helping!  I got one out for breakfast (he'd already snagged a roll at this point), so he took a bite and ran off, so I figured he was I ate it. Then he was back!  So I had got another...which he ate almost all of (I think I ate one he ate an entire banana as he'd had one bite of mine!)
And raisins, too! Don't give him a bowl...he wants the entire container to eat fistfuls out of it!  Can't say I mind - he can eat as much fruit as he wants!

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