Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Getting Ready

I'm packed and we are about to leave for the airport. Ray will have two weeks home to himself - don't know what the boy will do with himself (yes, I do...comps!)!  We are flying overnight, so this could be a very long flight if the boys don't sleep, so I'm sure hoping they do!  I'm as prepared as I can be...we'll see how this goes!

Post Office

The PO is ending Saturday mail - I've been advocating this for years, including writing to my Congressmen!  It is an obvious way to save money!  What I don't agree with is still having the POs open on Saturdays - they have useless hours anyway!  What they need are more APCs and to let us buy first class postage online!  I get still sorting mail and delivering to POs (you are there) and even package delivery is a good idea, but close those POs.  Pick a weekday and stay open late and actually give us USEABLE hours you are open! 

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Adam's Cards

Adam will be in Alaska for Valentine's Day, so we made his cards for his class early. 

"Greetings from Wasilla" since that's where he will be

Adam Pulling Andrew in the Sled

Adam pulling Andrew in the sled - he offered! They were so cute!  Adam snowblowing as well - we had plenty of snow for a change!  I'm a little annoyed as we finally have some snow and I'm leaving - I'll probably come back to nothing!  Hopefully, we get some snow in Alaska for the kids!

I'm Ready!

Andrew has been stuffing things in his backpack all day and telling me he's going on an airplane! I think he's ready for the trip!

Out For A Walk

I took Andrew out for a walk today!

Andrew's "Flute"

Andrew playing his "flute" - I know it is a recorder, but he's been calling it his flute!

Monday, February 04, 2013

Richard III

This is pretty cool - they have found - and proven it! - the remains of Richard III! I admit I fall into the don't like Richard category, but I still find this fascinating.  I love all the different pieces they used to prove this, from literature (Shakespeare) to DNA tests of descendants!  A really neat piece of scholarship!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ray's New Scarf

I started this awhile ago and finally finished it. I just love the colors!

Hoover Blanket

This is a Hoover blanket (doll size) that I made as a present. I love the history with it!  The pattern mentions some extra border rows and I probably should have done them, but otherwise I'm happy with it.

The Soup Fight

So Adam sees this can of soup at the store (it is just Campbell's chicken noodle, just with Perry on it). He is in LOVE....and promises to eat it. Which I know is probably not going to happen, but I'm willing to try once. So we buy it...and I make it...yes, it was a fight! I made him eat'd think I killed him! I don't think he really understood what soup was....Andrew actually adored it!

Stomping MIssion

We had a thaw last week and then rain. So I decided to send the boys to play in puddles...but there were none in our we went on a "stomping" mission to find some!

We even did some climbing on a fountain that is off down the street.

Playing Playdo



I was in a tea where we did preformances between courses at the National First Ladies Library - I was Pina Saxton, the sister of Ida McKinley.  Ida's in the middle and our mother, Catherine is at the end.

With the cold snap, I dug out my old high school windsuit to run in - can't believe it still fits.  On one hand, it makes me feel good and on the other, I think I just bought it too big back then!

New Basketball Hoop

Shannon and her daughter, Isabella, who are the boys' cousins, sent Adam this cool basketball hoop for his brithday!
Andrew making a hoop - he just ADORES his.

Reading Isabella's cool handmade card!

Hoopster! He even plays it in shades!


Andrew kept putting his cookies in the lunchbox to "take to work." Only cookies...couldn't convince him to put anything else in!

With Uncle Jason

Eating a apple

Banana - he's on a fruit kick!  I actually bought these because Adam decided we HAD to make banana bread (thanks Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....).  So we had some extras...which I like so I've been eating....Andrew has been helping!  I got one out for breakfast (he'd already snagged a roll at this point), so he took a bite and ran off, so I figured he was I ate it. Then he was back!  So I had got another...which he ate almost all of (I think I ate one he ate an entire banana as he'd had one bite of mine!)
And raisins, too! Don't give him a bowl...he wants the entire container to eat fistfuls out of it!  Can't say I mind - he can eat as much fruit as he wants!


Adam got a new game from Aunt Maureen - Toy Story mania!
He's our puzzle boy!
Adam "playing" Star Wars - Daddy is trying to teach him the real rules, but likes to make up his own!
Adam's current favorite book - Dragons Love Tacos! It is quite cute and he loved it so much when we borrowed it from the library that I ended up buying it for him. 

I haven't really talked about what we like in kids' book, but as you can guess we have a TON.  I really like the graduated readers and Adam is really starting to get into have a story and since he'll memorize his favorites, he'll even "read" to his brother.