Friday, January 04, 2013

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

We went to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium recently, which is new to Cleveland (like just a year or so).  This was, in my opinion, a waste of time and money.  As Ray said, "underwhelming."  We were meeting friends or I might have walked out when she told me the admission price ($20+ per person, including children! Andrew (2) was 20+!).  But we decided to pay it and and try it (and you all know we LOVE museums generally).  The boys were excited about the "fish museum."  First, the price of this place is outrageous, but okay, I guess aquariums are more expensive.  But then I expect more! Which so didn't get it...this is VERY small....we went it through THREE times in like an hour and a half. The touch tank was cool, but again....underwhelming. There was ONE craft (and it was stained glass mittens, which are a cool idea...but why not stained glass fish?). They had a ton of staff...mostly all standing around!  Why not have more crafts?  There are tons of ways to make this a better experience...starting with a little better price!  If they can't (maintenance, etc), then add more to the experience - crafts are cheap and easy when you already have the staff!  The building is awesome as well....but seriously this needs more (or a lot less price!).  Parking is good, this is like in the port area of Cleveland and a neat drive.  There is a cafe in the building....which we tried...again, not impressive. Overpriced for cheap cafeteria food. We will not be back. 

We did end up with some toys from the gift store...the submarine is Andrew's current favorite!

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