Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Fun!

We've had a great day.  The boys didn't get up until like 7:30 and then we did presents and headed to Mass.  We usually go Christmas Eve, but I was scheduled to read, hence we went this morning.  I have to say it is much smaller and that made it nice although getting the boys moving this morning took some doing! We then spent the rest of the day playing with their new stuff and ate a huge turkey dinner. So a great day of just being together!  Adam was SO excited to give Andrew the pillow he made him!
Andrew's new favorite toy, a Gup-X, courtesy of Santa! Andrew kept saying "he remembered!" all day!

Adam got this transforming dino from Santa

They got this castle from Grandma and Grandpa and ogre in front (which goes with it) from Great and Great-Grandpa. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa's Been Here!

The boys made cards for Santa and left cookies (even some of their favorite fish biscuits!) and milk for Santa!
Santa's been here!

We are ready - Advent Wreath is full!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Recent Pictures

Andrew and his "latest invention"

Making Christmas cookies

Mailing letters to Santa

First major snowfall!

Snow angels!


We found this mask in a DVD case and they boys were having a ball with it!

Christmas Decorations

Since we don't have a mantle anymore, I did these on the stairs. I saw it somewhere last year. I really like it.

Adam decorated his room!

Outside - we also have reindeer up now

I bought battery operated advent candles so we could do the wreath and not worry about the boys and real candles!

Childrens' Musuem

I took the boys up to the children's' museum over Thanksgiving break as they had Monday off from school and since Ray had to work that day, we were already back.
Andrew kept getting stuck even though Adam tried to help him

Dr. Andrew



Adam had an audience!


I used jam I made this year as Gifts in a Jar

I had the boys do ornaments for family - Adam really did a good job!

I did my usual cross stitch ornaments. I still have ours to go. But that doesn't have to be mailed!

Birdseed Ornaments

We made birdseed ornaments to hang in the trees outside. 


Honestly, hanging them was the worst part because they boys couldn't really do it, even I couldn't reach most of the tree limbs I wanted without a ladder!

Andrew's School Picture


Adam's school did a pow-wow for Thanksgiving and each class did a small song or performance.  Adam's class sang "Albuquerque Turkey."
This is what he was holding (they all were).

Andrew had fun hiding in the tables!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I made place cards for Thanksgiving!

Snow Fun!

Some fun in the snow!


Christmas Cards

Some of my Christmas cards for this year!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Student Teachers

First, I really LIKE and RESPECT Adam's kindergarten teacher and his student teacher. I think his kindergarten teacher is fabulous (and I totally believe all elementary school teachers would be paid like NFL stars and NFL stars like elementary school teachers....MY priorities are straight....).  She's also a great supervising teacher (as someone who has been through an education degree, I know) and I think his student teacher will one day be a great teacher, both because of herself and the great mentoring she's getting.

That said.....student teachers.....

So last night we had this "family fun singing" night thingie that our student teacher plus two more in the building cooked up (I'm sure it was part of some assignment as they are all Kent State students and you all know my opinion of Kent State....I'll get to more of that in a few).  Okay, we aren't having a Christmas concert because the principal doesn't want to (long story, it is a matter of space, security, etc....all good reasons and I think he almost went into coronary arrest over last year' this year it is a craft day instead), so this sounds fun because we all like to see our kids sing and dance.  First, it doesn't start until 5:30 (okay, again you want turn out, this is after work...) and they are feeding us pizza (again, a smart want people to show up, promise them free food).  So we there, you get food and you have time to nothing really starts until 6 (which I would have liked to know because my children really weren't interested in eating....I could have skipped the free food and just came at 6!).    Honestly, I think they should have done the songs THEN fed us so you can leave as you finish.  There are a few things out to see (not much though) of our children's' and some coloring pages.  Okay, not horrible.  Although every time we got up because the kids wanted something, we lost our seats because they didn't have enough tables down.

So at 6....the student teachers all have a little speech....not all that enlightening and then they want us ALL to come sing WITH the kids.  First, we don't know the songs (they did hand out words, I give them that) or the dances (they are doing them, but it is hard to follow that).  Second, we aren't really interested, let's be honest.  Third, we came to watch our kids and if we are up there with them we can't do that.  Last, because you don't have them in a group, all we can see is their backs....learn from music teachers...put them in a group FACING us and you put your back to us so you can encourage them along.  Also, there are obviously a lot of cameras, etc., have just created would have been better to ORGANIZE us, then we all know the rules and it is easier on all of us. 

Ray had to work, so I had to go alone with both boys (who were tired by this point....Adam has been sick this week).  It was not all that fun, although once Adam got going, he did a good job of singing the songs and doing the motions. I was proud of him. But it would have been a lot more fun if I could have sat in a regular chair.....would have also been easier to control Andrew.....

My other beef is that elementary school teachers all are creative....I am NOT.  Please don't expect me to be....student teachers are the worst because they haven't learned that we are all incompetent on this front yet....

Oh, my other when I student taught, you did it FULL TIME.  Meaning you went all week, all day.  You were TEACHING.  These girls come TWICE a week.  Really?  This is NOT student teaching that's field experience (which I was required to do every year before my final year when I student taught).  Kent State needs to FIX that.  That is RIDICULOUS and takes away the entire point, in my opinion! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Adam working on his letters and numbers! Numbers are easy for him...letters are more of a challenge!

Gaming with Dad!