Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Prep!

Bean Bags from Alaskan crew

Setting up Andrew's toy
Setting up Wii
New Wii!

Our tree is full!

Breakfast tomorrow - yum!

Who has been here?

Are you tracking him?


We got a little snow!

Scarf for Ray

I started a scarf for Ray - I'm loving how it looks! I also started a dinosaur that I currently ignoring it.  I'm going to switch it over to another (bigger) one.  I also have a hat going for Andrew right now.

Ann Arbor Hands On Museum

We took the boys to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum while in MI last week.  Because we are members of the Cleveland Natural History Museum we got free entrance! 
Andrew loved the balls!

Michigan Trip Pictures

Andrew and Great-Gramma. She sure doesn't look 90!

Mater Hawk - a current fav!

Robot dinosaur....just had to help, did Andrew!

Got a little snow!

The boys newest obsession - thanks to Aunt Brittany!

They also got a remote control car - Adam and Andrew aren't sure on how to run it that well, but are trying!

They got a really cool game - Whack a Mole!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wrapping Paper

I made my wrapping paper again this year (I don't do the boys...they don't care yet!). This is the result.

Gingerbread Houses

We did a group kids project of gingerbread houses and Christmas trees (which started out as sugar the idea from a magazine of Adam's, Turtle, which he LOVES...a great preschooleer magazine, I will say).   Adam bailed quickly, but Andrew loved it...he got to eat candy while doing it, which he liked!

Finished house

So I got mine halfway to the car...and this happened!  Oh, well, still will taste okay!

Some recent snapshots from our lives

The boys playing "Flipover," which is a great starter game for toddlers like Andrew!
We were at a friends...and Adam likes a TV tray when he goes potty (like his uncle used to!), which they didn't I told him to use the step stool...he added the garbage can to give himself the right height!
Eating a sandwich like a big boy!
A school project

Mowing in wrong....

A nice trend!

Falling gas prices are a nice change - may it continue!

Finished my Christmas knitting list!

I managed to finish my knitting list for Christmas!
This is my last male hat - I slightly modified this one with a smaller needle on the ribbing and took an inch out of hte length.

This is a doll blanket.  I added a nice ruffle to the to a basic garter stitch blanket with a chenille yarn. The chenille was  pain to work with (a friend gave me her leftover yarn and said it was...she was right!), but is pretty and soft.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our pitiful snow.....

It is so hard to get into the Christmas mood with this as our snow!


Last hat I need to finish before mailinmg Christmas presents!

Doll blanket!

Hanukkah card - this started out as a napkin!

Breakfast with Santa

The boys eating breakfast - they were so good!

the baked goods all cuted up!

Frou-Frou Hat

I found this hat in a book at the library.  It didn't turn out exactly like I hoped,but overall I was happy with it.  It is a little small, in my opinion, so if I redid it (I did the largest size), I'd add a few more stitches or use larger needles (or both).  This was also top down and it did NOT work for me because of the yarn - I just couldn't keep track.  So I reversed and it it brim up and I think it worked out. I also ended up adding stitch markers every 10 stitches so I could keep count as the frou-frou yarn is SO easy to add stitches to!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa Pictures

Adam's preschool had a "Breakfast with Santa" last weekend and we took the boys (actually Ray did, I had to work the bake sale there, so I was stuck at that table most of the time).  Both boys were excited to see Santa. Adam told him exactly what he wanted (don't worry, I have it on good authority, Santa took care of it), as practiced and wasn't afraid.  I wasn't sure what Andrew would do...he ran right up and got on Santa's lap!  He didn't tell him anything he wanted (don't think he quite got it), but he did talk to him!  He was quite happy about it!

Christmas Letter 2012

If you are getting a card from me, this will come in, so only read if we don't normally exchange cards (or you won't be "surprised" I guess!).  This is our year in review:

We hope this is coming at the end of a wonderful 2012! Each year seems to go faster with the boys having more and more activities of their own. We were able to go to Alaska in July and will be back in February to see Jennie’s brother get married. Ray’s father got remarried in August and this Thanksgiving, the boys got their first real chance to play with their new cousins.

Adam is almost five and goes to preschool four mornings a week. He will start kindergarten next fall. He seems to bring home a new skill every day! He loves computer and video games. He has almost completely taken over our Kindle Fire and knows how to run it all on his own. He loves to play games on it as well as “read” books. He also loves to play games on the computer, especially Sesame Street. We are getting him a Wii for Christmas and hope he will enjoy it! He is also the master of puzzles (just moving up to 48 piece ones!) and loves board games.

Andrew is two and a half and will start preschool next fall. He talks in sentences now, but can still be a little hard to understand so Jennie’s father has decided Andrew speaks Klingon. He is afraid of very little and will do almost anything to keep up to his big brother. He has also started to show interest in computer and video games, even claiming the Kindle Fire himself at times to play car puzzles! Andrew is in love with cars and trains, especially his favorite, Lightning McQueen (from the movie, Cars).

Ray finished up his coursework for his Ph.D this fall. He will be taking his comps this spring and starting research for his dissertation in next fall. His work continues to keep him busy as well, with new classes to develop almost every semester. Jennie is busy teaching her online classes and even attended a conference in Cincinnati in October. She continues to volunteer at the First Ladies library in Canton to give tours several times a month. We also redid our living room recently, with the help of Jennie’s father (pictures on Jennie’s blog). We put a lot of time into our yard this summer as well.

Holiday Cards

I did photo cards at Wal-Mart for most of my cards, but I also made a few, more for the fun of it.  So just a few people are getting these, but most are getting the Wal-Mart one.  The photo card is easy...I ended up printing pictures to go with these, which is what I found out after Adam was born - everyone expects pictures! 

This was actually the inspiration - I took a class last year at Archivers and this was one of the cards.  I bought the stamp set I liked it so much and just did my own versions this year.