Friday, November 30, 2012

Catching Up

So with Andrew sick Monday and Tuesday, this week has been a rush. I spent Wednesday, when he was mostly better, getting the house back in order, then Thursday doing some shopping I'd put off as I want all the  baking/gift stuff I need in the house so I can do it as I have time (gifts in a jar, baking, etc.).  I feel like I barely saw this week!

Cool Hat

So this hat is looking nice, but has been interesting....
So the pattern said to go crown down. I've never done that before, but I can definitely do the I started it....and ended here!  It was just too hard to count!

So I did the math out, rewrote the pattern to go brim up and restarted. Going much better so far!

Because the frou-frou yarn is so hard to count, I did put in stitch markers every 10 stitches so I could watch the stitch count and not randomly add!

Favorite Toys

Isn't it interesting how some toys show the test of time? We bought these for Adam years ago, they were an instant hit and still are.  Andrew also adores them (he's the one who put them here).  They are always "building" with Manny's tools!  The singing component died years ago (I was never asked to change batteries, so why would I if they don't care?), somehow.....

Old High School

This was the old Ravenna High School.  Two years ago they opened the new one and this building was auctioned, but the bid rejected (it was ridiculously low) as the issue is the land is valuable, the building really isn't. It drives me nuts to see old buildings demoed because they can't be remodelled for less than demoing and rebuilding. There should be a way to rehab old buildings for less than building new!  I hate to see so many empty buildings and stores building new!  Ranting.....

Finished Projects

I finished another man's hat, this time in green/black and then Andrew's mittens. Felted and all. I actually finished the second, smaller, pair as well.

The Boys

Andrew has decided he likes the Kindle as well!  He likes to play this car puzzle game we have! He's quite good!

The fridge is a good place to hang out?

Christmas Decorations

We put up Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Adam decided he needed to decorate his own room, so I gave him some old decorations and he went for it. He did a great job!

New Cousins

At Thanksgiving, the boys got their first chance to play with their new cousins (Jan's granddaughters). They played really well together!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Andrew Update

We took Andrew to the doctor today.  He has an ear infection (middle and possibly inner ear, so antiobiotics, not drops) and the croup.  The croup is what has been bothering him for a couple of weeks and nothing really to do with, but with a name to it, we know what to expect/what is not part of it, plus some ideas of what to give him to help alleviate it.  The ear infection is treatable and he should be improving soon.  Poor baby boy! 

Adam's School PIcture

Adam's school picture for this year - what a handsome man!  As a note, YES, I do have copyright!  I did the CD route so I would over specific sizes...also so I could just make on request. 

But what a great smile he has!  

Monday, November 26, 2012

Packed up

Andrew was packing up to go to PaPa's!

Bagster Removal

This is the Bagster going away - as I said before, I was VERY happy with this process and VERY impressed with the driver.


Finished Living Room

Living room all set up!


So Andrew is our kid who gets every illness.  He's been off for a few weeks (really since about the time we went to CT), but although we've been into the doctor's twice, they've said it is nothing, just a virus.  But it is STILL going on and now he seems worse again.  He's moaning in sleep and just seems miserable and now the fever is spiking again. So I called our doctors....and no appointments today!  So when Ray comes home we have to decide if we are waiting it out to tomorrow or going to the walk in clinic (oh, so much fun....) tonight.  I hate doctors....I really do.  It isn't that I don't think they help....but when my two year old is sick, I want help and they seem useless.  AGHH!!  The reason I'm hoping to wait it out is that if they say nothing again, I want a blasted referral to go check out what else could be wrong!  I really think it is sinus....but they have been saying no infection....well, unfortunately, Dave and Jan were sick with sinus stuff over Thanksgiving, so we might have brought it home.  They owe us, though, if we did, as we've infected them a few times.  But, my poor baby....I want him healthy and sleeping normally!  It drives me nuts when I can seem to comfort him! 

Today, Tylenol and cuddles are helping...I've really spent most of the day holding Andrew.  Adam has been a trooper, content to watch a movie or play video games. 


This is Ernie, Jan's cat (Dave's new wife).  But to me, he's a dead ringer for a cat we used to have as kids. Can anyone name that cat?

Christmas Ornaments

I am working on having the boys create oranments/frames to go with some Christmas cards.  I bought them early so we could do them a little at a time.
These were great - just color which they rock at.  I just cut out pics and we were done. And at like $1 each, a great deal!

All of the rest of these SUCKED...when talking about a 4 year old (let alone a 2 year old!)'s skill level.  They involved hot glue, let's just say that.  The package did not tell me this...I was NOT happy. Pretty, but annoying.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Andrew's Mittens

I used the same pattern I used for Adam's, but I did then in green/gray versus blue/gray.  I thought I'd do the smalls....but I did them and they were too narrow (I did go back and finish that pair so I could give them away to someone).  So I did these with the medium width and small lenght and they seemed to work!  These are unfelted, I did felt them and will post that picture later.

Helping Dad

Helping Dad change a headlight!  Ray took Adam out....Andrew saw and immediately requested to join him!

Friday, November 16, 2012


So in mid-October (when my parents were arriving), I actually went down to Cincinnati for a confernce. For me, working at home, conferences are really great because I don't have people to bounce ideas off of at work nromally (I bug my husband about it really only).  So this was a big deal. But, of course, it got overshadowed by the whole Gram stuff (which is still ongoing as she isn't progressing really so they are making shifts....yadada....). 

I did learn a lot, though, and have some great ideas for my history classes.  I also met some great people, including someone there from ND and then someone who lives in Iowa, but has family in Devils Lake!  Plus the sessions were really informative, which makes it a great overall trip. 

I also met several Sisters. They were all teachers and one of them had been teaching for 50 years and was still obviously excited for each new year - she has so obviously found her calling in life and it was just wonderful to see.  One of them also was working on moving their archives (their group is being merged and they are in the process of moving) and her stories from the founding Sisters were wonderful.  Their stagecoach crashed and almost went over a cliff, but they all survived!  It was also great to speak with them about the Church and hear their opinions. 

Catching Up

My parents left about a week ago, but we've been working to catch up since then. We painted the living room since the weather worked out and we were already messed up.  Then it took me most of the week to get back in order plus Ray ended up having to go DC for work, so he just got back tonight. 

It seems Thanksgiving up appeared this year because of all this!  I'm feeling so behind...but the living room looks awesome!


So remember what it loked like?
And this is now!


After my parents left, we had debated just leaving the wall primed and painting later, but that following Sunday was really warm (like 70) and so made for painting.  So we started by distracting the kids...we put the downstairs TV in their room as a treat...and to hopefully hold them there (and it mostly worked!)
Ray had taped the day before, so we finished up anything left and put down tarps

Adam helped take up the tape after the fact!


We did buy rugs for the living room
Front door
This is an 8 by 12 carpet remnant...the boys are testing it out by running madly in circles!  I just couldn't see paying a lot for a nice rug as the boys will probably slip on it.  So this was like $80, which I figure is worth it. Borning, but works!  I don't figure we'll take it and if the boys mess it up too much, we can just buy a new one.  So cheap is good.
Carper runner - you buy it by the foot at Lowe's.  Nice and cheap, again!

Pulling up the Carpet

Dad also up the old green carpet.  We knew it wasn't the best and had it cleaned when we moved in (plus we regularly clean it ourselves with a steamer), but seeing it go out...let's say I'm really glad it is gone! 

This what was under it
Scrubbing...this also helps find the staples/nails

Nail pulling help
This is what it cleaned up to - much better!  As a note, we will have it professional refinished eventually, but it is good for now
And this is the old stuff!  This is actually pretty cool.  This is a bagster and you buy it at Lowe's or Home Depot for like $30. Then you fill it up - it is like a large gym bag (handles and all).  Then you just call and they come get it for $89 and you are done.  By the time I borrowed a truck, paid landfill fees....yeah, I think this is worth it!  And it was easy!