Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adam's Scrapbook

I did a few pages in Adam's scrapbook tonight.  The layout above is my favorite!

Fast Food Restaurants and Kids

Okay, so fast food restaurants cater to kids. They have kids' menus, toys, etc.  So, by extension, in my opinino, they should have kid friendly restrooms!!  I mean seriously, no changing tables in a Wendy's?  Not even a large even table to change them.  AGHH!!!  Come on, people, if you WANT kids and ADVERTISE to them, PLAN for them!!!!  I get a nice restaurant not having them (though they often surprise me nicely!), but fast food restaurants should have them as a requirement!!  

Can you tell I recently had a bad experience (on the way home from CT)?

Hurricane Day

We actually got today off due to Hurricane Sandy.  Due to high winds and bad road conditions, both Ravenna City Schools (so Adam's preschool) and Kent State were closed.  So we got to stay home and hang out. I made homemade chicken noodle soup.  It was another rainy day...not so much fun.  I really don't want another winter like last one - all rain and no snow!  My parents are heading back from CT tomorrow. 

Today being off, though, was really nice because Andrew was hacking all night and so Ray and I were both short on sleep. So we both got some more sleep this morning!  Andrew has been hacking since CT and he tends to hang on to stuff for too long. I'm hoping for a better night!

New Puzzle

Aunt Maureen sent the boys a new puzzle for Halloween!   Plus stickers! What could be better!  Adam rocked the puzzle, and Andrew insisted on trying, but he was just randomly putting in pieces. Adam is a puzzle master!

Andrew under the Table

Spider Sandwich

Adam saw a food craft in his kids magazine (we get Turtle, which he loves). He was desperate to make it...he was for a turkey, but he just saw spider. Anyway, my cavaet was that he had to eat it (he tried to tell me Andrew would eat it, not buying that!), because that's a major issue for us with food crafts.  So he decides yes, he will eat it.  Well, I pretty much made it up (why would you put raw pepper strips on something for a kid? I don't even really like raw pepper strips!) and this is a toasted PBJ sandwich with carrot legs and raisin eyes.  He atet he sandwich, one leg and the eyes.  Andrew also insisted on one for dinner as well!

Dentist Appointments

First, we had CLEAN dental bills of health - yah!! 
This was Andrew's first appointment ever - he was kind of scared at first but he watched Adam go and do great...and he got right up and did exactly what Dr. Laura said! He was awesome!  Dr. Laura, our dentist, is great - she's dressed as Ms. Potato Head for Halloween! We have had a great experience with this pedriatic dental center for the kids.

Trick or Treating

So Ohio, in a fit of stupidity, schedules Halloween.  It always during the day, on a weekend....totally annoying!  So Ravenna's time was Saturday and in hopes of better weather we did Kent's on Sunday.  Yep, still horrible.  Rainy and cold. I only took Adam.  There were not a lot of people doing it on either side. We did hand out candy ourselves on Saturday and had a pretty decent turnout (we should have done ours probably, but oh, well).  The plus side was we went back to Adam's friend Niles house afterwards (they live in Kent, so we walked from there) and the boys had a great playdate. They were "camping" upstairs and having a blast then were dogs and cats. 

Niles' dog, Lucy

Adam as Thomas the Train....so the story here. Adam, about a month ago, announced he wanted to be a pirate. He's been talking about it ever since.  Grandma bought him a pirate costume and he was very excited...so come Friday for Boo, we get the costume out, very excited, then we go to put it on...and he refuses to wear it. He's "scared" of pirates.  He wanted to wear Andrew's Thomas costume.  So we put Andrew in his Optimus Prime constume from last year.  The plus side of this was that this costume is just an pull over...and so easily goes over heavy coats!
Adam and Niles ready to go

A New Trend?

Driving Home

So I drove home from CT alone last week.  It was a long drive, but not too bad. The boys were good about hanging out most of the time.  Grandma bought them new toys before we left and Lightning McQueen Hawk was definitely a huge hit. Andrew spent HOURS flying him over his head in the car (I took all these stuck at a dead stand still in construction traffic...I was not driving!). Lightning changes from a car to plane (it is from Mater's Tall Tales if you were wondering). 

Watching Handy Manny
Playing Kindle Fire
So Ray went to Wal-Mart...and came home with Moon Mater and Roger...to go with Lightning McQueen Hawk....at least now the boys don't fight over the one, I guess...

Kid City

On Wednesday, Emily had the day off, so with Stefanie (my cousin, David's wife), we took the three kids (my two and Grayson, Stefanie and David's son who is 6 weeks younger than Andrew) to Kid City in Middletown.  This was a great musuem, but the hit was the fishery room! The boys all loved it!  You can put fish on conveyers and then crank them up, or they are also magnetic and you can put them on running conveyors to go moving up the line!  The boys were entertained for like 30 minutes!  Which is a long time at their ages!

The three cousins (and some other kid....)  
The last room we did was the apple orchard room...Lyman's...which is really cool as David works there and Pop used to golf there all the time! 

One more video, Adam doing laundry!


We went out to Pumpkintown in East Hampton with Auntie Stasia.   They have a really cool play area, then an awesome hay ride. It was lightly drizzling and we had the hayride to ourselves!  It is like 20 minutes long and full of vignettes of pumpkin people!

So all these are gourds, painted and decorated to be animals!

one of the hayride vignettes - there were at least a dozen!

In the play area, they had these - they are presidetns!  This is Bill Clintompkin and Hillary Horseradish

Me with Barack and Michelle Gourdama

Gourd W. and Laurel Bush

Durham Fun

We were only out in Durham one day (my parents moved out there after the boys and I went home), so I don't have much from there.

Grandpa found snails in the pond

Alaska Books

I borrowed some books from my grandmother when I was in Alaska this summer and finally got finished with them and thought I'd share (this is really for you, Christine....by the way, I still have those books I wanted to show you....we'll try again in February!). 

First, if you want a basic history of the Mat-Su Valley, specifically the Colonist period, the book you want is The Colorful Matanuska Valley by Don Irwin.  It honestly is boring, but if you want to know what farming was going on, including BEFORE the colonists (he has a list from like 1910 in Knik), this is the book. Irwin was one of the Colonist administrators.  Definitely a good history if you want to know what was going on!

The other book I read was The Mystery of the Cache Creek Murders by Roberta Sheldon. This is about a couple of really brutal and sensational murders in Talkeetna in the 1930s.  We have a cabin on Dollar Creek, which is near Cache Creek - we cross Cache Creek about 6 times to get to our cabin.  My biggest complaint was the book made it SEEM like they learned something new...and they didn't....they ended up where the Feds ended up years ago, it just wasn't well publicized.  So I was disappointed.

I also read a couple of short story books (little oral history, mostly cutesy stuff) that Grandma had, like from the Pioneer Home.  The one book had a story by my great-grandmother, which was pretty cool (Grandpa Cottle's mother....Grandma Cottle's parents were colonists and are listed in that book plus the picture book someone did of the homesteading period has pictures of them). 

Monday, October 29, 2012


We stayed at my cousin, Emily's house.  She has a cemetary behind her house that makes for good "boy runs" - that is where they walk their dog. I guess Pop used to mow it!

Farley with my parents

the boys sleeping on their air mattress

Watching cartoons! 
What's you watching?

Adam discovered a new game in the tub....water dino with Grandpa! It involves a lot of splashing!

Finished Hats

These will be Christmas presents (not naming names....) These are the same hat, "Dad's Work Hat," in different colors.

I'm still having color jog issues...you can see in the top one, I ended up doing a duplicate stitch and it helped, but still not great. Working on it....

The pretty side....

The Boys

A few pictures from before the CT trip (I'm cleaning up pictures!)

Andrew is really into eating Cheerios.. in a bowl, with a spoon, but no milk. He'll eat it with milk, if we are eating it (he wants some of ours), but it likes it plain on his own.

Gram Stannard

So some of you probably realize that my Gram Stannard (my dad's mother, the one in CT), has been having some health issues.  Well, here's the whole story, per se.  So about a month ago my uncle (her son in law) suddenly died. He'd been sick, but not like deathbed sick, so this was a shock.  After this, my grandmother's dementia issues seemed to escalate with more bouts so 24 hour care had been brought in (she is living with my aunt, but the issues with my uncle's death, you can imagine it is a quite a stressful mess).  My parents had a trip here planned, with a drive to CT planned, for early November.  When this started happening, we thought we'd move it up. The plan ended up being that I'd get back from a conference I had, then we'd leave the next afternoon and take a leisurely drive over.

So I leave for Cincinnati Thursday night. Friday I start my conference and my parents get on the plane. My grandmother had a stroke on Friday. I find out Friday evening, at the conference. My parents find in in Minneapolis, halfway here.  At this point, they aren't usre she'll live.  My parents got to Ohio, I finished my conference and drove back Saturday afternoon.  My grandmother was doing slightly better, but we ended up leaving first thing Sunday morning for CT (I had got back about 5 the night before).  My grandmother was doing better, but definitely is now having more dementia issues. She's not talking about elephants, just wandering in time. For instance, she was yelling at my father for not telling her he joined the army (which he did at 18) or talking about being pregnant (and my father is her youngest child). But yet, she'll then recognize Andrew.  So she is still there some of the times.  She is in a rehab center, which they just moved her to last week.  What will happen from there is up in the air, depending on a variety of factors. 

The boys and I came back last Thursday, alone, because well, they aren't that much help!  My parents are still there and are planning to rent a car and drive back later this week. 

So it has been a crazy couple of weeks!


This is the lasagna recipe from our cooking day. I was not that impressed, I like mine better and I think it would be freeze the same. 

The Boys

So usually if I find the boys together in bed, it is Adam's bed. Nope, last night, it was Andrew's little toddler bed!

Boo at the Zoo

We took the kids to Boo at the Zoo at the Akron Zoo.  It was rainy and cold and not really all that fun.

This is Adam and his friends, Nya and Niles. 

Last year had been really fun, but this year the weather just did not cooperate!
Adam and Niles

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Being in a Swing State....

So you might think it would be cool to vote in a swing state - one of those all the politicans really care about this election because it can make or break them. Honestly, it just sucks.  I counted the other day - NINE political calls in ONE day.  That's just the top of the iceberg. It is all over the radio, the TV, the mail....I get at least two mailings a day.  I'm SO SICK of this election and it still has a few more weeks!  And they are all lying to us.....I don't trust ANY of them....

I just got my absentee ballot (family travel has been up in the air, so I'm not sure I'll be home on election day) in the mail and plan on mailing it today.  I'm done except for President. I may have to flip a coin....I will only vote for pro-life candidates (I can't vote for someone who believes murdering babies is acceptable...just will NOT do it....), so I really have two choices: Romney or Goode (Constitution Party). Ohio actually has 5 third party candidates on it this year.  I think a third party president could be a great thing as politics needs stirred up, but I also don't really think one will win (which I know, I know, circular logic here.....but the mass of the population won't vote third party because it has been rammed into their heads that it is "throwing" their vote away b/c third parties don't win.....we need change!), so I just don't know. I probably won't post what I do end up doing, but there's my options. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

We carved oru pumpkin today at a friend's house.

Adam and Nya helped us top the pizzas!  You'll also note, they were eating topping as they put them on!

Adam then ran off with the tub of sausage to just eat that! Then he gave the rest to the dog....
Andrew just ate muffins....

Pumpkins and kids!