Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good job, boys!

We had another couple and their son, Niles (he's three), over tonight. The goal was for the adults to play games while the kids play. We do this in a larger group once a month at their house, but we've been trying to play this longer game separately. Well, all three boys napped (a HUGE deal), but Niles was up late, so they were late and our baby-sitter (the idea was extra help to make the night go better) cancelled, but overall the boys did very well (some issues, nothing hugely major until the very end, when it was past everyone's bed time, so expected), and we got two shorter games played. Success!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Thanks to my mother's perseverance, we have our tickets for July!!! And while we did have to pay a little, it was MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper than if we had just bought them! We probably saved over four grand for the hassle! We will be in AK from July 10th to July 25th!

Airline Tickets..... we are now 3 1/2 hours into booking tickets for July to Alaska. Oh, my goodness......AGH AGH AGH!!!! So we are trying to use miles and because of various things (we need 4 tickets now since Andrew is over 2 and tickets are horribly expensive...I guess because it is idea.....), we are using two different redemption centers....coordinating flights has turned into a we one ticket set and then the rest "held" at Delta. Now we are trying to get those three bought....this should be easy....but of course their goal is that is NOT so you don't do it and they "win." But they don't know my mother.....she will conquer....seriously, that woman is warned! Mom on a mission! We were on three way calling (they do probably hate us....), but because of the keypad system and stuff, they kicked me off...which I'm okay with.....go Mom, go Mom!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


That's my opinion right now. So we drove back from Michigan yesterday and Bob Evans in Toledo was just GROSS, food wise...and usually Bob Evans is "safe," plus being Friday we were severely limited (and at 11 AM, they were already out of one type of fish...great planning....). My stomach has been screwed up ever sense....been just an icky day today. I'm not really SICK, just not feeling well and tired.....oh, fun....and, yes, yes, I am whining.....

Bathroom Remodel: Day 2

Helping clean up
Walls up!

Helping measure

Drain for shower in

Hammering with PaPa

Andrew hammering with PaPa - he wasn't getting left out!

Big help!

Fun at PaPas

Smoky (Brian and Brittany's cat) out exploring - she wouldn't go on the grass!

It was 85 - we got out the wading pool - in MARCH!
Mommy didn't brain swimmy diapers (it is March after all....obviously Mom is so lax....), so we got swollen diapers - amused me!


Eating on PaPa's deck

Hauling the Harley on the deck

Adam put their camp chair on the big chair to make a really big seat, I guess!

Jan and Dave

Roasting Mashmallows

We'd promised the boys a fire and roasting marshmallows, but it decided to pour rain about the time we were ready to we improvised! Sterno in the kitchen!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adam has always loved to run in circles and now he has taught his brother! He runs on his own or with his brother...sometimes we get collisions!

Fun at PaPa Videos

Some videos from PaPa's:

Fun at PaPas

We are at Dave's for a few days - it is SO HOT here - like 80s and it is only MARCH!! So the boys have been living outside!



PaPa's house is you out!

Fun at Home

Adam's fish at the park sandbox - nicely done!

The boys taking a break on our walk.

Bathroom Remodel

Ray's Gramma is coming to stay with Ray's Dad for awhile. She had a hip replacement and then some more problems and needs help for awhile. Dave doesn't have a full bath on the main floor, so he's working on putting one in!

Hmm...walls gone! They took out two closets to get more space where the half bath was.

Ray working on clean up after the demolition Adam helping with clean up

St. Patrick's Day

We were at game day on St. Patrick's Day and I found these bracelets at Jo-Anns for 50 cents (it was a foam bracelet that comes with stickers to put on it) for the kids. This is Andrew's.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do Sundays Count?

I'd always heard Sundays don't count in Lent, but didn't really know why. So I looked it up. First, how is Lent calculated and are Sundays part of it? I found this answer:
Since all Sundays—and not simply Easter Sunday—were days to celebrate Christ's Resurrection, Christians were forbidden to fast and do other forms of penance on those days. Therefore, when the Church expanded the period of fasting and prayer in preparation for Easter from a few days to 40 days (to mirror Christ's fasting in the desert, before He began His public ministry), Sundays could not be included in the count.

Thus, in order for Lent to include 40 days on which fasting could occur, it had to be expanded to six full weeks (with six days of fasting in each week) plus four extra days—Ash Wednesday and the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that follow it. Six times six is thirty-six, plus four equals forty. And that's how we arrive at the 40 days of Lent!

So then the question is, if you give up something for Lent, do you include those Sundays? Now I normally do as it is just easier and I found mixed results on the Internet on this subject. Since it doesn't count, you can, is the general consensus, but it is usually easier not to. In essence, it is your choice. I usually just keep it up, but I have used the "fine print" from time to time for various reasons.

I usually give up chocolate (did it again this year) and Ray pop. During college, I used to also do an added thing, like making a point to go to daily Mass at least once a week. This is something I really found very uplifting and am hoping to be able to go back to this once the kids are a bit older.


Slide fun - three of us (me, Adam, Andrew)
Easter card - I really like how the stamp turned out!

CT fun - I like how the ribbon adds in - I'm proud anyway!

Playground Fun

Adam "catching" himself
Andrew's new method of going down the slide - backwards!

Adam climbing

Andrew on the swings

On the bars

The Boys

Adam's sprained ankle - he tripped over a toy. First trip to the ER...oh, fun....
Andrew's block tower!

Flowers are up

Is it really only March? Feels more like June...seriously it was over 80 today!

Scrapbook Update

These are the updated scrapbooks for Andrew and the boys.


Some fun recent videos from the boys!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Blackened Halibut

This is my new Lenten fish recipe. We really liked this except the pepper was WAY too much. So I'm posting it, with my notes for change and I'll let you know once we retry it. It was a good recipe, we really liked the flavor when we got paste the pepper - but it was far too spicy for us. But hey, maybe not you!

Blackened Halibut
Modified from Simple & Delicious

2 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp dried oregano
1 tbsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (they had 1 tbsp...I used about 1/2 tbsp and it was WAY too this is what I plan to use next time. When I got past the pepper, the mixture was great....the pepper was overpowering, even Ray said so!)
1/2 tbsp pepper (they used 1 tbsp....again, way too much better, so I'm halving this)
2 1/2 tsp paprika
4 hailbut fillets (4 oz each)
2 tbsp butter

Combine first eight ingredients. Coat fillets in it. (They put it in a ziploc and shook....that seems like a waste of a ziploc to me...I put it in a bowl and used my fingers to make sure it got completely covered.)

Cook fillets in butter over medium heat until flakes easily with a fork. (They say about 4 minutes per side...mine took a little longer, really depends on how thick your fillets are).

Serves 4.

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Alex is SO hurt!"

We were looking for Alex for quiet time (which I wish I was working better...but that's another story...) and found him with a box of diapers on his head. Adam declared Alex "so hurt" and informed me that he needed a band-aid! After a band-aid for 5 minutes plus a kiss from Adam, he was "all better!"

Mom's Fix-It Shop

Take a hammer, a cardboard brick and a 4 year old....and this happens! So out comes Mom's Fix-It Shop - duct tape!

Duct tape fixes everything!


Yummy - pork chops, rice and roasted cauliflower. I tend to have issues remembering to plan sides for my meals, so this is a win for me! Working on it!:)

The Boys

The boys having a picnic. Notice Adam had to wear his costume!
Andrew on the library computer - notice that I have him pulled back so he can't touch the actual computer!

Adam playing games on the computer - he's really into computer games now (mainly Sesame Street) and getting pretty good!

Grandpa's pig made the fridge - Adam made this decision!