Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What have I been watching?

Well, besides cartoons, I did watch two new series/programs to try. I watched Catholicism on PBS. I found this interesting and would be good for someone who wanted to know more about Catholicism, but honestly didn't learn much new from it and as it was more theological/spiritual, it wouldn't be good for class, so a bit of a disappointment there. But still I'm glad it is out there! It is a good program, just not for me.

I also watched All-American Muslim on TLC. Again, I like the concept here - I think many Americans know nothing about Islam and think all Muslims are the Taliban, so this is a good way to introduct prople to "regular" Muslims. It has a nice array of Muslims, from liberal to conservative, which I think helps drive home the fact that they are like "regular" people in that if you took a group of Christians, you'd see a similar array. I personally had to stop watching as it is reality TV, which I hate and so drove me nuts in that regards. But hopefully all the people obsessed with reality TV will turn it on and learn some new things. So I like the concept, even if I won't watch it. I also can't really use it in class either, again I was thinking it might be helpful, but I didn't realize it was done "reality" style.

Children and Public Facilites

I've posted from this blog before, but this current offering from Crappy Pictures is too good not to share! Children and public restrooms - it is SO true! I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends (Amy) said we need kid laws for some of these places and it is so true! There are so many things you NEVER think about until you are a parent, but now when I walk into a restroom I'm always looking - are there changing tables, can Adam use this? I get that places that don't cater to kids don't have them. I do not expect the local bar to have a changing table. Yet I DO expect places like Subway, who have kids menus, to have them. I actually had to complain to one of our local Subways to get a highchair in their store! But they still don't (as most don't) have changing tables. Yes, you can argue space/money, but let's face it, they are wall mounts and not THAT expensive. I'm not asking for a kid sized toilet (although that would be nice....). Many malls have gone to this with "family" restrooms and these are the places I go back to! It is SO helpful. I often end up changing Andrew on the car seat (which at least I know where all the germs came from!) rather than public restrooms. If a place "caters" to kids - so like has a kids menu or sells kids things - then then need to have some basics. A changing table is a must! It would also be nice if they got rid of those stupid auto flush toilets which TERRIFY little kids. Although my friend April (also on FB), says that if you put a sticky note over the sensor it won't flush on you, which is worth trying. The problem is that we are often "helping" so we are moving, set it off, and now we have a screaming toddler on our hands! Those "air" dryers aren't much better! Think people! I really notice the small things that places do that help us out (like the church with a stepstool under the sink you can pull out...after I saw this I donated one to ours!) and it often brings me back to places. Most of these things aren't that big of deal either, but it obvious these places aren't thinking about their small clientele....but when you cater to them, their parents, who often pick places to go, notice!

Then, of course, and this is just regular stuff about going to the restroom with little kids...who often open the door on you when you are going yourself....or decide to lay on the floor...or want to play with various items, like sanitary disposals.....or want to announce their functions to the world (which fortunately most people find cute)...and the list goes on....

Sick Kids

Sick kids are so sad. So Adam woke up last night vomiting and has continued through today. Andrew isn't doing that, but does have diahreea....so one end or the other. Such fun. Adam actually is alseep right now, which tells you he really doesn't feel good. Hopefully it will help him. Andrew hasn't been eating much, which also says a lot about his stomach as that kid usually eats constantly!

But Adam did call me the "best Mommy ever" today, so that makes it all better!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Mother Nature....

Dear Mother Nature,

It is now almost December and we have had ONE snowfall (which didn't even stick around a full day). It has been raining for about a month straight. This is the only weather we don't take the boys out in! Please make it stop! We want snow! We want winter! This is the snow belt! We put up Christmas decorations. We need winter!


The Webers

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Mass Parts

So what do the other Catholics think of the new Mass parts? I have no problem with them, although I do want to attend a class to learn more, but I'm a religious historian and really interested in that. But I will admit - it is going to take me a good YEAR not to make mistakes! And it will probably still sneak up on me!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day

We went to Mo's for dessert and Adam and Andrew played with her fiancee's kids.

My turkey

Adam's photography

Brown Sugar Quick Bread

I made this a few weeks ago and it was yummy. Nice and simple. What I really like is everything on this list is "pantry" so I can make it without having to plan ahead.

Brown Sugar Quick Bread
Modified from Skeleton Letters by Laura Childs
2 1/4 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 cup brown sugar (you can make this with molasses and regular sugar if you need to!)
1 egg, beaten
1 cup buttermilk (remember you can make this, I did!)
2 tbsp butter, melted
1 cup pecans, chopped (optional as I didn't use it)
Preheat to 350. Combine flour to nutmeg. Blend in sugar. Combine wet ingredients, then add to flour and combine until just mixed. Stir in pecans if used.
Put in 5 by 9 greased bread pan. Baked for 45-50 minutes.

Contents of My Car

I've mentioned this blog, Crappy Pictures, before as it is hilarous, especially to those of us with little kids! This entry, from a bit back, caught my attention and sent me into gales of laughter so I thought I'd share! It is just so true! And I never leave home without a stroller now!

I was actually thinking about this recently. I had to run to the PO to mail something. Even with lines, this used to be a "quick" thing as the PO is just a few blocks from here. I could literally just grab some cash and go for it. Now I have to get two boys ready, load them into the car (and argue about it), bring the diaper bag (because if you don't bring it, karma will get you!)...then when I get there, get the boys out, go stand in line with them (SO much fun....), reload them...in other words, like an hour to go mail one little measly package a few blocks from here!

Small Business Saturday

So you all know I'm not a huge fan of most of President Obama's policies, but I do like his "buy American" initatives and I really like the idea of Small Business Saturday this upcoming Saturday so I encourage everyone to go out and patronage a small business this Saturday! Small businesses are important and if we want them to be around we need to support them!

Crimes against butter?

Yes, really, check out these - crimes against butter!

Thanksgiving Prep Help!

Crushing graham crackers for my pumpkin cheesecake...although both boys really wanted to EAT the crackers not crush them! I had to give them crackers to eat first!
Helping Mommy in the sink...lots of water was involved!

PaPa's House

Eating Grammy's spaghetti (made by Mommy)
Picnic at PaPa's!

Helping PaPa bring in the trash!

They are working on their bowling skills: Adam and Andrew

Andrew playing basketball

Some pictures and videos

Andrew is our climber and completely fearless!

More park fun: Adam and Andrew climbing, Adam rocking climbing and our sliding boys!
Andrew feeding the baby

What cute boys!

Dino boys!

It is a cookie jar!

I got a cookie jar....the boys are enthralled!

Adam's cookie dough

This is the cookie dough that Adam was selling - it is actually pretty good!

The one issue is that this is actually a cube and takes up a lot of freezer space when you have a bunch, as I do!

You can see it is just a pile of dough!

On the cooling rack

In the cookie jar!

Cleaning off the cards...

So we got a little snow a week or so ago....and the cars needed cleaned....so Adam was up to the job! He got out his duster and went to work all on his own!

Christmas cards

I took a workshop a couple of weeks ago and these are two of the cards I made. Way too much work, in my opinion, but fun and some good ideas. I really like the second one, but would do a simpler variation if I made more.


Andrew is working on an upgrade from high chair to booster chair!
My big boys!

Rocking my rubber boots!

Photographer Adam

Adam's photography is getting better!

My Talents

Adam's project (my drawining...yes, I'm that bad!) from childrens' liturgy the week before last.

What was funny to was that I missed the homily (was with Adam) and I come back with Adam and Ray's like....the homily was about me! God wanted me to get the message not to waste my talents. He was so cute - he really got the message!

Really? This is legal?

Again, I could talk about abortion as the obvious answer here and you all know my opinion on this legalized murder, but what I'm ranting about today is road rules. Is it REALLY legal for a semi to PARK and UNLOAD across TWO LANES of traffic???? Why aren't the cops out making them move? Or let's park in a TRAVEL LANE and UNLOAD a grand piano!!! No, find a darned real parking spot or pull into the darned driveway! I mean, REALLY!!!! Downtown Kent is HORRIBLE about this....I just get so sick of being stuck behind PARKED SEMIS UNLOADING!!! This should NOT be allowed! Tell these businesses to figure out a better way, which I'm SURE exists...just might require some work/thought!!

Is it really that important?

So I like a good deal...who doesn't? But I am NOT willing to scarifice my Thanksgiving for it (and don't mention that C-word until after today to me!) and I am not willing to be up at 5 AM to go get deals and I am certainly not in line! I usually WILL go out on Black Friday, but in the afternoon AFTER all the crazies. I read about a woman who has been camping out at Best Buy somewhere here in Ohio all week - I mean, really? What a colossal waste of time! She thinks she can save $2000, but how much is she spending? And how much does it cost her (time off work for instance!) to camp there for days?

And now all these stores are opening earlier and earlier....many on midnight tonight, some even earlier! I say ignore them! Go back to REASONABLE times!

As a note, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving....and it isn't that I don't like Christmas and I certainly love the meaning, but it is so over commericalized and your focus keeps getting away from the meaning and to the gifts. Society makes it hard and often by Christmas I'm just sick of dealing with it.

Thanksgiving Menu

So what are you cooking today?

My menu:

  • Turkey and graving

  • Stuffing (I don't put mine in the bird, I crockpot it)

  • Potato Casserole (oh, so bad for you and oh so yummy - thank you Paula Deen!)

  • Coleslaw (Gram Stannard's!)

  • Rolls

  • Pumpkin Cheesecake

Dave also brought veggies and dip so we don't starve until the turkey is done.:) We are going to eat early today, about noon, so that the boys can eat with us then Andrew can take his nap.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adam's Preschool Picture

Adam's first school picture! Doesn't he look so grown up?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Boys

Adam reading in his stroller...that's my kid!

Andrew had to as well, since Adam was...he HAS to do whatever brother does!

Drawing in the steps...here's the thing...I don't know where that chalk is stored right now (away for winter)...he got it out and put it back and I still don't know! I guess at least someone does....

Cheese-It Sandwich

What a chef...Adam likes to make everything into "sandwiches." But he won't regular sandwiches...go figure! Anyway, this is meatloaf and cheese-it, which he ate!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Been a long few days....

It seems like it should be Friday, not Tuesday (well, Wednesday now). So we are trying really hard to keep the boys more "low key" because they, Adam especially, has so many "big" things, like preschool, now. So I've been tryiing to stay home the days I can and whatnot. So okay, doing okay. Then Friday, we decide, we've been really good, let's go out to dinner (we had a great coupon as well)...so we do. The boys are crabby, the restaurant (Ruby Tuesday's) isn't our favorite, just wasn't great. So then we have to go to Wally World...so we manage that, though annoying. Then I have to run out to go to Hallmark's Open House as I get a really good free gift, as do Mom and Grandma, and one thing is a cookie jar that I actually want. So I do it, but it means a speed trip (it was only from 7 to 9 PM).

So Saturday....we are planning to go to Fairlawn to Barnes and Noble as we haven't been to a bookstore in awhile now that Borders is gone (they were much closer, although we are getting one back, here' s hoping it is good!). So we go and the day is a bit of a push, the boys are off schedule, but it is going okay, they both do some napping in the car....then we are leaving Archiver's, where I had to take Andrew, who was awake, in with me so he didn't wake Adam, who was not, and that wasn't pleasant...and the car won't start. Engine won't turn over, just clicking, but we obviously have a full battery (windows are working, radio, etc.). So Ray tries some stuff...we leave it for awhile....won't start. We are 45 minutes from home with two rather cranky boys.....so we call Jason to get me and the boys and a tow truck. So we get this worked out...car towed to our mechanic...and it STARTS when it gets there - seriously????? So we don't know what went wrong, Ray is messing with it, it is working fine now. Seriously????? Then I have tutoring for Bron after we get home, which isn't bad, just one more thing.

So Sunday...we decide that with the time change (which is just an annoyance....really fairly pointless....) we are staying home with the boys. One bad day is enough. So we go for low key and relaxed and that works, sort of. But Andrew sleeps terribly Sunday night, meaning Monday starts off bad. Monday I have a conference call with work, with two cranky boys around, then have to go pick up and deliver cookie dough for Adam's preschool. Both boys sleep a little in the car, but at random, bad, times, but we do get the stuff done, albiet a lot of complaining. We even got Ray's paperwork notarized, but it was a long day. So then I have to grade that night and finally get to bed...and Andrew is up again...I ended up sleeping upstairs so Ray, who was up more the night before than I was, could get some sleep as I can sleep through more in and out whining whereas he can't. Every parents knows it - the we aren't really awake, but we are moaning and groaning in our sleep. I can doze though it, waking up when it is serious, whereas everything wakes up Ray.

Now Monday I found out I DID get called in for jury duty...for Tuesday. So I had to report at 12:30 today, which meant Ray had to come home at that point, setting up videos for his afternoon classes since he coudn't be there. We also both voted. So I get there, sit for an hour and find out they plea bargained and we are free to go. Ray even actually made his afternoon classes! So, here's hoping the week is looking up!

Although I was just upstairs comforting a coughing Adam.....I'm hoping we do get some sleep....off to try.....

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Scrapping Class

Cornecopia (however you spell that...)
Thanksgiving card

Thanksgiving card

Baby shower card

I had scrapbooking class on Wednesday...fun as always, but I have to admit I didn't see the colors really as "thanksgivingy." Some were much more "springy" in my opinion, but oh, well!

Recent Pictures

Adam likes to pepper everything...he's big into pepper cheese right now! And he eats it!
King of the Table! He did this by himself!

Juice box break! Adam asked for one and Andrew, of course, was so wanting one...so since we were outside I gave him one. He was THRILLED! Juice boxes are for BIG boys! Now he wants one all the time....but, of course, he doesn't get it as he tends to squeeze and you know the rest!

Enjoying my juice box!


Trying to take off his shirt...and not succeeding!
Wearing Mommy's shoes!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sick Again....

Andrew got another cold...and shared with big brother and Daddy. So far (knock on wood), I'm holding....we'll see how that goes! That kid seriously gets EVERYTHING. We've been trying to stick close and get them well and we seem to do be doing okay - wish us luck!

I got called for jury duty AGAIN, but so far (again knock on wood), haven't had to serve...I REALLY don't want and not because I don't want to do it, but because we just DO NOT have time. Ray would have to take the day off as we don't have back up child care. Seriously this the SECOND time Portage has called me, they called Ray once...are we like magnets?

Trick or Treating

We went over to Adam's friend, Niles, to trick or treat in Kent as we handed out candy during "our" time in Ravenna (the boys did run across the street to an older couple who would miss them if they didn't show). We had a gorgeous day for it! I still think Ohio is so crazy for scheduling trick or treating and it has to be daylight and never on Halloween...so "fake".....

Well, leaves are fun! This was the end of the night
Adam and Niles

Adam, after about 5 houses, found it MUCH better to walk the dog than trick or treat! You can see where candy rates on his list!

First house

Adam ready to go - Aunt Maureen sent him the pillowcase to trick or treat with it - he look so funny with it - it was as big as he was, but he LOVES it!

Ready to go: Niles, Lucy and Adam. Poor Lucy...a costume AND being walked by a three year old! What a trooper of a puppy!