Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What we came back to

Well, first it is in the 90s here. But it rained the ENTIRE time we were gone...so we came back to a wheatfield for a lawn! Seriously, Ray cut it TWICE and we raked today.

A trip always shows me just how much junk mail I get and the paperwork with it...seriously this took me a couple of hours to sort and do my paperwork. Yick...

AK Pictures

Grandpa pushing Andrew with Zoe's help

Andrew and Carl
Ray and Jennie on the Flats
Grandpa and his boys

Adam watering at Great's

Great-Grandpa and his boys

Andrew with his cracker stash!

Andrew Update

Andrew, as of today, is 26 lbs, 9 oz and 31 inches tall. He was in for his year check up and all looks good. Adam was a little taller (31.5 inches), but about 5 lbs lighter (21 lbs) at the same age. Our tank and our beanpole!

Thunderbird Falls

Ray and I went hiking in Thunderbird Falls.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun with Blake

Ben and Chelsea brought their little boy (he's almost 3) over to play today.

Ben, Ray and the boys in the Ranger
Adam and Blake playing with the car

Blake and Adam pushing the car back up the hill


Fishing for bugs
Fishing for bugs


The lady with the horse's husband has a plane that Adam was checking out!

Horse Back Riding

Dad took the boys down to a neighbors and they got to ride her horse. Adam had fun, Andrew was NOT pleased. I think he might have been okay with Ray, Dad or I on the horse, but not with someone he didn't really know. He's definitely not a big stranger person right now.

Ray Shooting on the Flats

Monday, May 23, 2011

Putting the Grandparents to Sleep

The boys put their grandparents to sleep with them at naptime!

Adam Fun

"Camping" in Great's motorhome! He has this place figured out - he knows where the candy stash is!
"Fishing" - Uncle Bert brought him a fishing pole he is absolutely in love with!

Hot tubbing with the grandparents - he didn't last too long!

Adam helping Grandpa drill!

On the Flats

Ray and Andrew
The four of us

Andrew and his great-grandparents

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My mother bought a huge vat of goldfish. Andrew will pick it up and carry it around, looking for someone to open it for him!

Aha, Grandma will!

Around the Yard

Friday us girls went to town with Andrew to do a little shopping and the "men" stayed home. We we came back, though, everyone had to go out! Andrew at Great's on a shopping break

Gatoring around with Carl
Gatoring around with Carl some more

Adam and Ray splitting wood

Ray and Adam on the Gator

Ray and the boys at the Creek

Both boys have Grandpa's number - "out, please!" Andrew just throws up his arms! Today Dad tried to escape, Andrew pretty much barricaded the door - he was going!

The boys both enjoy a little car that my parents have in the yard (inherited from various cousins): Adam going down the hill in it, Andrew chasing after, then Adam pushing it back up!


We met Christine and her three youngest at the Imaginarium on Thursday. Now we were really late because we had trouble at the resturant for lunch (they overcharged us by a lot, had to fight it). So we were right on schedule (no extra time) and then couldn't find the Imaginarium...turned out it moved several years ago and no one told my grandparents' GPS! And then add in downtown Anchorage parking...ugh...a mess! But we did get there and the boys had fun. I was actually really impressed with Adam's attention span on the exhibits - he and Daddy had a ball!

Adam making a bubble around himself!
Playing the xylophone, which I didn't know he could say the word for and he can!

Andrew preferred soaking himself - which he did so well we had to change his clothes!

Having Fun

Adam and Grandpa working on an old fire truck of Uncle Billy's - the problem is they are missing pieces! Although this is a good thing - Adam LOVES it and went poop on the potty with it with him!
Great feeding Andrew

Adam and Andrew on Grandpa

Motorhome Andrew

Andrew "driving" in the motorhome!

Andrew with Great-Grandpa

Four Wheeling

Mommy and Adam
Adam "driving"

Sleeping Bag

Mom found this old sleeping bag - anyone recognize it?