Sunday, January 09, 2011

A New Semester

A new semester starts tomorrow. Here's to hoping it is a better one than this last one. It really wasn't any specific problem, just lots of small things and we could never find "routine." That's what we need, for us and the boys.

Ray and I are as ready as possible. I spent the weekend trying to "set" things up to go smoothly for the next term. I wanted to start on the right foot!

My goals are:
  • Make story hour each week
  • Make sure the boys are getting out and active regularly (not just errands!)
  • Keep up on grading and prep work
  • Finish deep cleaning kitchen, office and downstairs kitchen
  • Keep my weekly menu up so I am cooking on a schedule
  • Find time to do some crafts for myself
  • Exercise each day

1 comment:

Amy J. said...

scary, except for the grading part, you and I have the same goals! Getting out is hard here as there are not many opportunities without a drive! Just getting outside is a goal for us and we have a lot of room to run around.

Currently, I am working on de-cluttering. I just got finished getting rid of orphan socks! I am also going to be getting rid of a few books :(. It needs to be done as they are taking over.

Good luck with your goals!