Saturday, January 08, 2011

Good Weekend So Far

Last weekend turned out to be a bust, but this weekend, so far, has been very productive. Here's to continuing that! We got all the Christmas decorations down and put away, we reformatted both my computers (sucky, but necessary and hopefully will "fix" them) and I got them re set up, I've caught up my checkbook, cleaned the house and even managed to get the boys to the library to play on Friday plus try out a new recipe. I really want to continue this level as we are trying to start the term on the "right" foot. We got through the dentist this's to less appointments!

We also got some baby stuff put away (Andrew is obviously down with the bassinet, we finally got that put away) and moved around some new stuff (Adam's art easel for instance) into their permanent locations. My living room looks so big! I think we've solved the napping issue. The boys nap at the same time, but Adam usually talks/sings for 30-60 minutes as part of his (he's resting that's all I really care about), which wakes Andrew up if they are near each other as Adam also, for some reason, is into napping in the guest bed, which is in Andrew's room. So Andrew will be napping in the playpen in our room.

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