Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adam's 3rd Birthday

My baby is THREE!!! We took Adam to the Children's Musuem on Monday, which he LOVED although it was crazy since it was a school holiday (Martin Luther King day) and they were doing 1/2 price admission. But Ray had it off, so it meant a family trip, which was fun. We did also make him a cake, although he refused to try it! He did like the candles! He got a lot of fun gifts. He got some new kitchen supplies - he LOVES to "cook." We also got him some toddler games (I LOVE games!).
Some videos to check out: helping make his cake (he LOVES to cook, I told you!), blowing out candles, and then playing his new game. The new game is "Don't Break the Ice." He loves to hammer on it! Not sure he quite gets the idea that you do NOT want to make it all fall in, but he is learning the idea of turns, which I think is more important.

As a note, I'm going to YouTube for many of videos now. I've always had a YouTube account (prfessorweber) for class stuff, but I'm putting kid videos on it now. I got a new camera and its better, which means bigger videos that Blogger just can't handle in the upload.

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