Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Update

This is this morning about 9 AM. You can see Ray's tracks - Kent is back in session so he went to give his final this morning. We are still getting some snow, but definitely much slower. The road crews can actually keep up and the slower snow yesterday allowed them to catch up. A snow day was nice, but with it being finals week, Ray was actually glad Kent was opening back up. He put his Monday final online, but some students will have to do make-ups, which are scheduled for Christmas week. I know I always had tickets home that couldn't be changed, so it'll definitely be some mess. Ray's only problem is make up FAA exams, but he'll probably just stay an evening and add a session as that's all "by appointment." A few students just missed their appointments.

The boys and I are having a lazy morning today. After writing this, I plan to get my butt in gear. We'll see what gets done.:)

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