Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sauerkraut Cookie Update

If you remember I tried out a chocolate sauerkraut cookie recipe, planning to use it at New Year's as my grandfather's family (there's some German in there somewhere I'm sure!) believes it's good luck and I don't like sauerkraut. I just made them for New Year's and I think I got the final kinks worked out. First, I had issues with how much sauerkraut and I got that straightened out. Last time I really had too much (it gave it a very rough texture). This year I just a 14.5 oz can of sauerkraut and this gave me just over a cup of chopped, packed sauerkraut (you were supposed to start with two loose to end up with 1 debate from the recipe last time was if you needed to start with 2 and end with 2...the verdict is start with 2 loose to end up with 1 packed). So rather than the 1 cup of the recipe, I've found just buy the 14.5 oz can and use that and you'll be good. These came out really well - the texture if MUCH smoother and so the entire cookie is better. They are actually very good, which I noted last time, but by fixing the texture, they are even better. Adam was even eating them today!

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