Friday, December 17, 2010

Root Canal: Part Infinity

I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but the tooth I had a root canal on last year (while I was pregnant with Andrew) keeps getting an infection. It was infected when they did it, they fixed it, antibiotics "cure" it, but it keeps coming back. While my dentist sent me back to the endodontist after this last return. The verdict? It will keep coming back as too much bone was lost and the tooth needs to go. This makes the root so NOT WORTH IT!!! I am NOT HAPPY! So this will be ANOTHER long procedure, I'm sure, on top of the last one. At least I'm not pregnant, but UGH! I was joking my teeth can't take another pregnancy....this might be true! I have 24 hours of labor to hold over Adam, this is what I can hold over Andrew! Not that he isn't worth it - he's healthy and that's all that REALLY matters, but this is still annoying! I'm SO SICK of this entire thing! Had I known this, I would have just had them pull the tooth to begin with instead of enduring a blasted root canal!

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