Friday, December 31, 2010


Today did NOT feel like December 31st! It was 60 degrees out! So the plan today was to meet my friend, Samantha, and her son, Niles, at the Children's Museum in Cleveland at 1 PM. We got there to find out they were closing at 2! We so did not know that! It was also INSANELY busy! So we stayed until 2 (we both have family memberships so why not?) and then found a park for the boys as it was SO WARM. This park in Conventry was AWESOME! The boys had a blast as we haven't been able to be out much lately due to weather. This park also has what looks like a great sledding hill - wide with lots of room at the bottom - perfect for little boys! So we will be back after the next snowstorm (and this is Ohio, its coming back, to leave again, to come back again...and so on...). So the day didn't go as planned, but the boys still had fun. Definitely marking this park for further use - plus there is great shopping - with BOOKSTORES - nearby!
Andrew, Niles and Samantha

Adam making music

At the bottom
At the top - I was impressed with him making it up this!
Ray and Andrew
Andrew's first shoulder ride!

Coming down the pole!

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