Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Gas

My grocery store has a program where you get fuel perks for each $50 you spend and gift cards count (so like you buy a Home Depot gift card and that counts to your fuel perks). At the holidays they double fuel perks on gift cards, so that you get 20 cents a GALLON off per $50. Since I already know what I'm going to buy, I can prebuy the gift cards for the stores I need and get the fuel perks. I also did that with our snowblower (which as anyone who has one knows isn't cheap) and pretty much got a free tank of gas! A nice perk to holiday shopping. I paid 16 CENTS a gallon - pretty awesome! Anytime I know of a big purchase, I buy gift cards first just because of this program and I think its worth the extra step. Cheap gas makes me smile.:) I know they are still making money (as I'm sure they charge the retailers to sell their gift cards), but I'm still happy.

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Amy J. said...

so jealous. We don't have much for fuel perks around here and I usually drive the pickup which is not nice on the wallet. Glad for you though :)