Thursday, December 30, 2010


Adam today runs and gets his book from the bathroom, comes to me and says "potty" and then does #2 on the potty! He did this twice without us asking him! But he still isn't going #1 - he is so weird! [The book thing is us...he's been watching us....]. I think he has more "warning" with #2, hence its better. I HOPE this is progress we can keep! He did also go #2 in the tub tonight (gross!), but he was really tired. Our current problem is that he's so QUIET when talking and not very clear - we can't figure him out fast enough and he will NOT repeat most times. He's actually doing BETTER when we don't ask, strangely enough, so we might try that for awhile. Ugh...this kid will be drive me nuts!

Andrew is teething, we think - definitely not sleeping the best. I had a terrible headache last night, so today's been a push (Ray got up more last night because I felt so horrible, so we are both tired).

On a good note, grades are FINALLY end of the last term at SNHU - we had a really weird end of the term because of the holidays, so it is SO good to finally have that done!

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