Friday, October 22, 2010

Walker Fun

We got the walker out today for Andrew.

Is he happy or what? You can see his feet don't quite touch yet (he can at times touch a little), but he likes the new position. Adma was showing him how to use all the toys! Andrew LOVED "playing" with his brother!

Adam then started pushing Andrew around, which Andrew thought was cool as well!

Adam pushing Andrew - notice the abrupt ending - I had to go tell Adam to be GENTLE...although Andrew didn't seem to care!

Then, of course, Adam had to get in - you can see his legs are WAY too long!


Christine said...

Andrew looks like a (big) little squish! How does he compare size-wise with Adam at that age?

Jennie W said...

He's about the same length, but is heavier. Honestly, he and Adam are not that far off in weight NOW. Adam is a beanpole while Andrew is definitely a little chunk! I think he'll lose a lot of that when he starts moving for real though.