Sunday, October 10, 2010

Long Week

Last week was a very long week. We've had a long and hard month as between sickness and work its been one thing after another. We are hoping for a calm October! Ray was in Minneapolis most of last week for work (an aviation conference). So that meant it was just me and the boys. I took them up to Michigan to visit PaPa for a few days which was a lot of fun (and meant I got my midterms graded thanks to help!), but a lot of driving and messed up schedules.

Ray got home Friday night and we all pretty much collapsed. We've had a quiet weekend and hope we can find some "normal" for awhile!

Adam is doing a little better on potty training, we've finally had a few hits thanks to making him try every 25 minutes, but he stil seems unsure. Here's to keep hoping!

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