Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confessions of a Reformed (semi) Pack Rat

Anyone who knows my mother and grandmother will vouch that I get my pack rat tendencies from them. I'm a very organized pack rat, but one nonetheless. I'm also a big believer in "using it up," and so have a hard time throwing out anything I think I'll need at "some" point as I don't want to have to repurchase it.

Having to move as much as we have I have tried to reform and be better. I was in "purging" mode today and feel quite good about myself.:) It's already in the car for Goodwill or the garbage so I will not look at it again and maybe decide to keep any of it.

I never moved growing up (my mother moved when she got married, my grandmother moved, on the same property, once since SHE got married), so never really had to "learn" to purge. It will be a very bad day if Mom or Grandma has to move. I fully expect them never to budge. We know we'll move at least once (if not more) more, so I have been trying very hard to clean out each year so it won't be so bad coming moving time - keep myself in check, per se. My worst offense is books, which will never really "fix" itself (and I'm not sure I want it to), but I do make myself clean out regularly there as well. Last time we moved (and granted we'd only been in apartments until this house), we had more, in weight, in books than furniture! I just went through my closet and got rid of a sizeable pile of clothes and I just did some cleaning in my kitchen. For the most part I use everything there, but there were some things that were in bad shape that needed to go.

I also scheduled a cleaning our air ducts as I'm trying to "clean" out before winter hits. Today was another perfect Indian summer today - another long walk! I normally "spring clean" once a year, usually in the spring, but this year, with Andrew's birth, its been piecemeal. I hope to have been through every room by Christmas. The main thing is that I get sidetracked a lot and never had any "chunks" of time to devote to it.


Christine said...

books... just wait til your kids are a little older. We thinned out - not totally got rid of - just THINNED OUT - our children's book selection and gave 4 trash bags full to the local library. Granted, that was 7 years worth of accumulation - but it was a LOT! And, we kept the ones that they or we REALLY LIKED. :P

Amy J. said...

I am working on the book purging also. I don't tend to read a book more than once, so there is no reason to keep them, except I guess I want people to know I read and what I want to read.

I am also working on fall cleaning (which I do every year). I need to wait though as they are still harvesting and worse the dust is flying like crazy! I have to wash my curtains, vaccuum out the window ledges (the space between the window and screen) and dust, dust, dust to get all the dirt out before winter. Good luck to you

Jennie W said...

Christine - Adam already has an entire three shelf bookshelf full of books plus I have two more shelves of books that are too old for him....I can say no to toys every time, books, not so much and I know he already knows it!

Amy - I am a big re-reader, but I also eventually am done with certain things and/or my reading habits change. Just because I loved 10 years ago doesn't mean I love it now...which I have to convince myself of!