Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Productive Day

Today was a long day, but very productive. I was up late last night (grading midterm exams, which are DONE!), then up early this morning because the air duct people were scheduled between 8 AM and 10 AM, which meant I had to be dressed by 8 AM. Andrew got up at 6 AM to eat and then went back to sleep, so I got a quick nap before I had to get up and dressed. The air duct people were here shortly after 8, so its a good thing I got moving. Both boys got up then (noise, etc.), which was about normal for them. Adam was really good. He was VERY interested in what was going on, but managed NOT to be a pest about it. Andrew could have cared less. But they were done by about 9:30 and no surprise, the ducts were disgusting and all, so its a good thing we did it. The prior owner was NOT good on that type of thing.

The weather was gorgeuos here, so after that I opened all the windows in the house and we went outside. Ray came home for a few minutes because he had dropped the Vue off at the auto mechanics (something weird with our hood release, not a huge - or expensive - issue hopefully). We then came in and I started working on finishing the bedroom's "spring" cleaning and actually managed to finish it! I also got all the 12 month clothes into drawers and the 9 month out. I have to wait to get all the laundry caught up before I put away 9 month clothes (no point to have to do it twice). Adam enjoyed the vaccuuming.:)

We also went downstairs (Adam even painted me a picture!) and I got the freezer inventoried. I keep a whiteboard with the freezer inventory on it so I can tell what I have....I've been behind, so I needed to start fresh. I'd started this when I defrosted, but never got to the last one (the upstairs fridge freezer) and so had stalled.

The boys took a nap. Adam took awhile to get to sleep, I had to sit upstairs, but that worked as I was doing "real" work at the time, so I could do it on my laptop while sitting there. Then I finished that and started on the living room. Ray and I actually finished that (with help from the boys, who were up by this time) as well. I have two exterior windows to finish (it was raining by this point - we got some serious storms through here) and have to rehang curtains once they are done - working on laundry now - but otherwise I'm done with those rooms. We threw out all our old CD/cassette walkmans - we hadn't touched them in at least a year, so they are gone. I got my Halloween decoratios up on Sunday, so I'm feeling on top of things.

After dinner (leftovers, nothing special), we went downstairs for a bit (I ordered a new book - Joseph Elloit's First Family on the Nook - I've already started, fun!) then I made pumpkin cookies (Adam helped, too, Andrew supervised from his walker/bouncer (he ended up asleep in the bouncer - falling down on his job!). Adam only napped about an hour and so was very tired, which means "destructo" mode, so I was trying to keep him occupied and he loves to "cook."

So that's our day today! I'm hoping to keep the productivity up. My parents get here on Friday as Andrew's baptism is Sunday!

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