Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Potty Training

Disclaimer: If you aren't a parent, you'll probably be grossed out so quit reading!

Adam has been stonewalling us on potty training. We KNOW he can control it and knows when it does it, but he's CHOOSING not to. What is comes down to is modern diapers are actually TOO good - seriously! He doesn't notice, so why should he bother to learn something that will cut into his playing time? Adam, overall, isn't a big misbehaver. Sure, he has his moments, but overall, he listens and tries to do his best. But not on potty training. If you ask him and he has to go, he'll hide versus tell you/try to go. He knows the diaper is wet and either lies (which he gets punished for) or hides or just refuses to answer (again, he gets punished). We aren't punishing him for GOING in his diaper, just for lying/not answering a question presented to him. But he's getting confused and generally stressed (as are we).

So new tactic. I just put him in big boy underpants - when he goes in them (and thus far that's all he's done), he KNOWS it. "Pee, Pee, Pee!" he immediately runs to me as he does NOT like it. But that's what we want - we want him NOT to want to go in his pants. So hopefully this will help. He's definitely got the picture he doesn't like this, now we just need him to start going on the potty. Because today (only second day of this), he'll be on the potty, say he doesn't have to go and then once he's dressed again, go. He was doing this before (again he was holding it FOR his diaper - so not cool!), but now he really KNOWS he did something wrong and doesn't like it. We aren't punshing him for this, just telling its wrong, that we're disappointed and cleaning him up. But we are hoping that he'll realize he can't continue to go in his pants and quit stonewalling us on this subject.

Part of it IS regression - he wants to be a baby like Andrew. But he's mostly over that now, so we're trying this for awhile and HOPING it will help. He definitely CAN be potty trained, but he's stubborn enough not to want to and hold out on us. We just have to not let him, hence this method.

Everyone's always telling me "It'll happen...he won't graduate with diapers," but seriously - I'm sick of that! I need real solutions, not platitudes. I get that he has to be on board, but I also know at this point he's AVOIDING it and that has to stop. Anyway, its been a long two days, but hopefully it will pay off. He's not sleeping well right now, but that was going on beforehand. I think we're going to buy him a twin bed versus the toddler bed he's currently in.


Amy J. said...

a lot of parents try the underpants to get their kids started on potty training.

Kids are actually potty training later since the disposable diapers started becoming available and are so good. Cloth diapered babies tend to potty train sooner.

Good luck!

Steph Fortson said...

LOL this is such an adorable post! Please keep us informed if this works for you!

As a side question, since you are already an online teacher and seem to have creative ways of getting Adam and Andrew to learn, are you considering homeschooling them? or sending them to school?

I would love to chat about this! Feel free to email me back at